Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing the Game

As most of you know, I've been writing a lot of steampunk lately. Though I usually talk about that on a different blog, I was approached a little while ago by someone with a neat idea--taking their steampunk novel and turning it into a game. They've got a kickstarter going, but what I really wanted to share was the contest they have going right now to spread the word. So please welcome my guest today, Valentina Ciolino.

Valentina, can you tell us a little about the game?

Sure. The Dead Flowers Case is an adventure game in which players must use all of their skills to investigate the case and unravel the many mysteries that will ultimately expose the perpetrator of this terrible crime. 

The adventure is set in a Steampunk world ruled exclusively by order and the mechanized organization of all life and work activities. Regarded by the authorities as being too chaotic and free, plant life was eradicated long ago, meaning that nobody has seen a plant or a tree for generations, and so the notion of a « flower » had long since slipped into the realm of legend. In place of food, everyone swallows a supplemental Nevrovitamin pill three times a day.

One day, however, something triggers the alarms of the only car factory: the company’s Chief Accountant and MecaBrain is tragically found dead at his workstation (which as anyone agrees is an unusual event at the worst of times). Perhaps most mysterious of all, found next to the body, in a world in which plant life is but a distant memory, lies a solitary bunch of dead flowers.
What a great idea! And you're giving away an autographed print right?

That's right. Here's the Rafflecopter link: The Dead Flowers Case giveaway. I have a attached a preview of the print, it will be signed by the author and delivered to the winner directly.

 That's gorgeous. Can you tell us where to find out more?

The official website of the game is http://thedeadflowerscase.com
And on twitter: @MandoProd

Thanks, Valentina! Good luck with the new project!

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