Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013, The Pumpkin Year

I missed my post on Halloween, so I'm hijacking today. We were exhausted, and you can kind of see why from this post. We've been doing a big Halloween for the neighborhood for about 15 years, but the boys have been spearheading the scare portion of our show for the last three. We're empty nesters as of this year, remember? I got it in my head that we couldn't let the kids down, so we turned to the pumpkins.

It worked. We raised them to eye level and covered tables, overturned garbage pails, etc, with black draping (lawn bags work well!) so the pumpkins looked like they were floating.

I can't say I'll carve this many again (tho the Pumpkin Gutter is an amazing tool!), but it gave us a better idea of setup, etc, for the years to come. It was all worth it from comments from the kids, etc. They came for a show, and they got one, even if it wasn't quite the show they were used to getting from us. One mom said she had waited two years to feel her little ones were old enough to come up on our porch! There was no pee your pants moment this year, but her kids loved it anyway. The best came during cleanup. A group of teenage boys came by to see the "haunted house" they'd heard about. Oops, not this year. But they were amazed by the pumpkins, so we told them to choose what they wanted and bring them home. Their excitement was the best return of the night.

The goal was a movie theme, with a little something for every age. Extra special thanks to Kelli Collins for the info I needed to pull this off.

Avengers in light
Captain America

Iron Man
Thor (my fave!)

Edward and Bella

Harry Potter

Elmo and Kermit
Animal and Count
 And yes, we still dressed up and gave people the creeps with the Zombie Baby, and put out about half of the scary decorations and sound equipment.

Halloween Nerds
See ya next year!


Ashlyn Chase said...

You guys must have had a little pang of loss over your Halloween tradition. I think you did a great job of creating a new tradition, and the pumpkins you made are incredible!!

Victoria Adams said...

Wow - what awesome pumpkins. Mine is the triangle eyes, nose and and grin.

Dalton Diaz said...

There probably won't be as many next year, unless someone else wants to prep them. There are a few I really wanted to do that didn't fit the theme, tho.

Amber Skyze said...

Wow...awesome pumpkins. :)

Mai said...

WOW, absolutely beautiful pumpkins!

Dalton Diaz said...

Oh damn, you mean the carved things. Right! Thank you! Had to hoist those puppies up higher, too.