Thursday, October 17, 2013

Romanticon 2013 in Pics

The awesome Desiree Holt

Romanticon Opened with Cave Chaos, and OMG, Jaid Black knew my name! How cool is that?

Mari Freeman, Kristen Daniels, and Samantha Kane jumping right in and having a good time at the meet and greet!

Ok, there's a story here. This is Caveman Axl. He's wearing the same shoes The Sherry wears, only hers are hot pink.

Getting what turns out to be an intimate pic of the Caveman attached to said shoes? Golden.

Accidentally sending said intimate pic to your husband instead of The Sherry? OMFG.

Waiting for photo shoot

Kathy Kulig and Hubby

Bollywood Night! With Jaime (Aline Hunter) Saare
Romanticon Virgin Lori Nowak Nguyen. I'm thinking she had a great time! With Nick, Justin and Axl

Regina Carlysle and daughter Avery
Dee Brice was in the house!

Um, Sam Cayto, you know that's not a kilt, right?

Wild and Wicked Brenna Zinn and Avery

Laura Topaz, showing them who's boss! With Taylor and Axl

And here's the next story.  I picked Taylor and David and told Syneca to have at it. She immediately starting tucking my shirt in for even more cleavage.

Which made Taylor happy - God love him. (Hey, this is my fantasy, so I can interpret his look any damn way I want. Work with me here.)

Syneca said, "Go!" and man, those guys snapped right into the scene. I was still trying not to giggle like a 12 yr old. Then Syneca set up the next shot.

Um, yeah. That's me pulling on David's belt while Taylor... well, let's just say I love Syneca and I owe her big time!

Cabal Madness!

Sidney Bristol being, well, Sidney Bristol!

Kaenar Langford, Chris Anson, and Mr. Kathy Kulig
With Rodney!

Roommate extraordinaire Sam Cayto with Justin

Which brings us to Hollywood night!

Beautiful Cassandra Carr with David and Justin

Had to get in on that! With David and Justin

Awesome (Mae West) Joyce Ann with Rodney

Diamond co-hosted events with Rodney.
They were hilarious!

The stunning Nicole Austin

Pajama Bingo on the last night. Yeah, I was sitting RIGHT THERE! Rodney was the man, teaching them all how to "Work it."

The Jeep Diva would agree that they worked it really well. 

Winner of the Wild Wicked Weekend basket! I didn't ask her if I could post her name. Oops. Hope she enjoys the goodies. 

Ace and Tina Shantel Goodman

Danica Avet and Friend

What? Romanticon is over??? 

Pictures to post!
Thank God no one got any pics/video of me trying to do Charades. It involved silently barking like a dog with index finger ears. Yeah, I suck at it big time!

If I figure out how, I'll post the Caveman dance video. Won't load. That's all for now!


Amber Skyze said...

Sending the hubby a pic of a caveman in the hotel room probably not a good idea. :)
Looks like a ton of fun. Disappointed I couldn't make it.
Next year!!!!

Dalton Diaz said...

Yeah. He's "Sweetie" in my phone. Quick glance, S, good to go. Oops. TiVo baaaack!!! - Doesn't work in real life.

I'm going to hold you to going next year.

Sherry said...

So that's how you sent it to him first. . How funny is that??. He's "sweetie" in your phone, and "Stud" in mine. . Hell, I had to put him under something that I would recognize right away because I'm very guilty of looking down at a number that's calling me, and if I don't recognize it right away. . I delete and block it. . So, he'll always be Stud. .lol lol lol

And my pink toesies are awesome. . They are hot pink. . And they go with everything. .

Love you DD

Alison B said...

LOVE the pics!!!!

Margie said...

You captured some super shots here, Dalton. So glad I got to spend time with you. Very much looking forward to the Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio in February.

Nicole Austin said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Brenna Zinn said...

There's no doubt there was some serious fun happening at RomCom13. I had a blast, as my pic with Avery showed. Loved getting a chance to visit with old friends and to make new ones.

Victoria Adams said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. You showed everything the con was and put smiles on my face.

Laura K

Ashlyn Chase said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Really good pics! Thanks so much for sharing!

Ashlyn Chase said...
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Dalton Diaz said...

I told everyone at the con and should have posted it - Ashlyn Chase brought me back that beautiful sari from India! It was so comfy, too. Like wearing gossamer.

Jordan Ashley said...

Love the PICS! Only.... Ummmm check your year! LOL 2014?! LOL

Dalton Diaz said...

LOLOL! Changed it. My bad, already immersed in WWW planning for Feb '14!