Thursday, October 3, 2013


I'm totally ready.

Wait, I'm not packed yet. But it's only Wed, and I don't leave until this Tues. Plenty of time. Besides, if I pack too early, I just forget what I've put in there.

So, my outfits for the parties are all set. Old Hollywood was easy. I already had the dress, and my mom and grandmother loved costume jewelry. For Bollywood...

Damn. sorry, had to go watch some videos on how to wrap a Sari. Ok, so I have all of the ingredients, I just don't know how to wrap up the goods. That can be learned in a few days, right? Hey, I'm still ahead of the game - nothing to sew this year.

Where was I? Oh yeah, saying how ready I am for Romanticon. Riiiiiiiiiight.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how much I prepare, I'm going to forget something or end up struggling at the last minute because something falls apart. It's par for the course, kind of like weddings. Last year, I swore I was going to be prepared. It was the first year Samantha Cayto and I drove, so I didn't have to pack as light. I was soooo ready. I had it all and I was ready to walk out the door on time. About 2 hours into the 10 hour drive, I realized I'd left my garment bag - with all of my costumes and shoes - hanging in my closet. Cost $50 to overnight the thing to me. If you know me at all, you know that I hunt down deals to prepare for these events. It took about a dollar a mile for me to forgive myself.

Funny thing is that also like weddings, the important part is still going to happen. Whether I remember everything or not, I get to go on a really cool road trip with some really cool people, spend a few days with at least 200 more cool people, and come home energized and ready to write.

I can't wait!

Next post: Romanticon, 2013!

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Amber Skyze said...

We drove when I went in 2010. I hate flying. Road trips are nice though. I wish I could go this year, but it's just not in the cards for me.
I'll miss everyone.