Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gearing Up for Halloween

Somehow, the first half of October has just whizzed by, and Halloween is just two weeks away! Just in case you were looking for a couple Halloween reads to get you in the mood, I have a couple in my backlist to offer. One starts a series, and one ends one, but both are solid stand-alone reads.

Between a Rock and a Hard-On
Prequel to Heroes of Stone (Available in print as part of the Tantalizing Treats anthology)

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Blurb: What happens when you mix a half-dragon, a pixie and a little sex magic in a wooded park on Halloween? Neither Bram nor Twyla have any idea but when it all comes together the magic explodes in a frenzy of hot sex and sizzling romance.

ADULT Excerpt

“Are you really a dragon?”

Looking into those eyes, he couldn’t lie to her. He might have to do something about it later, but right now she deserved the truth. He turned so she could see his wings. “Half. My mother was human.”

“Cool. I knew you weren’t a real vamp the moment I touched you.” Okay, she was at least a witch and he breathed a little easier. She was no stranger to things that went bump in the night. She closed her eyes for a minute and hummed, still squirming. “There was sex magic here tonight. Can you feel it?”

“Like a drug shot straight into my veins.” Thank the gods she felt it too. At least now he wouldn’t have to apologize for the hard on. The sight of her offered up like a virgin sacrifice sent all the blood in his body straight to his cock.

“Me too.” She gave a little laugh. “There’s so much oozing off the rock I can’t even feel the steel in the cuffs anymore. Katie’s coven had to pick tonight to try that. I don’t suppose you’re into bondage are you?”

His answering moan echoed through the clearing. “Goddess help me, I am.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t mind helping me out then? Right now I don’t think I could walk, even if you could get me loose.”

“You want me to fuck you?” This couldn’t be happening. He didn’t want to think he was like the satyrs, taking advantage of a helpless female.

“Only if you want to. But goddess, I wanted you right there at the damn kiddy party. Now it’s all but unbearable.”

“We should get out of here.” He was already unbuttoning his pants. 


All Hallow’s Evie
Holiday Hearts #5 (Available as part of the Holiday Hearts anthology)
By Cindy Spencer Pape

When Sam Holiday moves into his Victorian home the week before his thirty-fifth birthday, the last thing he expects is to find a ghost in residence. Especially a horny one.
Evie Bonnell has been hanging around since her death in 1916 because she has unfinished business. She died before experiencing sex. She’s learned a lot over the years and has decided single, handsome Sam is the right man to do the job.
Every year she manifests for several days before Halloween, and when she asks, Sam agrees to help. Each night, he teaches her a little more about sensual pleasure. Sam’s delighted that his demure ghost has turned into an eager hedonist, but not so happy that she’ll be gone after Halloween. Not only is she the hottest woman he’s ever had, but he’s afraid he’s fallen in love.
Now it’s up to fate and the Holiday family magic to find a way for the lovers to stay together. 
ADULT excerpt
She was excited even more by the way her body responded to Sam. Why oh why, couldn’t she have found someone like him while she lived? 
His lips left hers, and she nearly cried out at the loss. Her whimper turned into a moan when he didn’t pull away but nibbled down from her ear to the curve of her throat, licking her skin and sucking on her flesh. The ache between her legs intensified and her breasts felt heavy and swollen. She rubbed against his chest, seeking some relief for the tension building under her skin. 
“Ah, so passionate,” he whispered. Carefully, he pushed down the strap of her corset and eased one small breast free from its confinement. 
She wished she was larger, like the women in the films, but Sam didn’t seem to mind. 
“You’re lovely,” he said, bending to kiss the upper curve. “Perfect, all rosy and pink.” Then his lips closed around her nipple, and Evie cried out, clutching his shoulders just to stay standing. “Tomorrow, I’m going to strip you bare, Evie. I can’t wait to see all that lush, creamy skin.” 
He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked. 
Evie’s knees did buckle then, but Sam caught her easily and carried her to the bed, where he sat with her in his lap. He bared her other breast and lapped at it with his tongue while one big hand slid up along her thigh to cup her sex through her drawers. 
“You’re so wet,” he said with a sigh, his warm breath teasing her damp nipple. “Ah, sweetheart, we’re gonna have so much fun.” 
Evie didn’t doubt that for a moment. 


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