Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hero War! Superman...or Batman?

A couple of months ago I spent a relaxing Saturday night with a Cherry Coke, Kettle Corn popcorn, and the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD. Short synopsis: Darkseid, Superman’s arch enemy, brainwashes Supergirl, and brings her back to his home planet Apokolips to head up his elite guard. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman travel to Apokolips to rescue her. The movie was all kinds of Super Hero Goodness, yet all these weeks later one part really stands out to me. Toward the end of the movie, Batman flew in to face Darkseid. The Dark Knight had cracked the code on the hell spores, and every last one of ‘em was set to detonate and destroy the entire planet if Darkseid refused to let Supergirl go. At first Darkseid didn’t believe him, and after smashing Batman around a bit, Darkseid realized the Batman wasn’t bluffing. Suddenly, Darkseid smiled, dropped Batman and said, “Well played. Had the Kryptonian or the Amazon taken that gamble, they would have lost. They do not have the strength of character to destroy an entire planet to achieve success.” Needless to say, Darkseid released Supergirl and only then did Batman deactivate the code!

What is the purpose of relaying this story other than exposing that I’m a too-damn-close-to-forty-for-her-own-comfort woman who still gets up on Saturday mornings to catch Justice League, and a mother of two who considers the DVD set of Thundercats the most romantic gift ever? Well it’s to show how much I love heroes. I have a thing for them. But not Superman, Green Lantern or Captain America. They’re cool, but it’s Batman, Green Arrow, and Iron Man who make my heart sigh…and make me wish I’ll be reincarnated as a pair of tights. Each of them are human with indomitable wills. They’ve suffered tragedies, but instead of breaking, they came out on the other side forged in steel. They’re brilliant, cagey and possess their own moral code they strictly adhere to, but a code that sometimes doesn’t match up with society’s. Torture isn’t beneath them—not if it means their end goal is achieved. They are the ones who make the hard—sometimes unpopular—decisions. Like Darkseid said, Superman or Wonder Woman were too “noble” to threaten, and carry out, blowing up an entire planet to save one person they loved. Actually, both of them knew it. Which was why they sent the Dark Knight in! Dark, ethically-ambiguous anti-heroes rock! 

In my recent release Secrets and Sins: Malachim from Entangled Publishing’s Ignite line, Malachim is that kind of hero. He’s had to make tough decisions since he was a teen and has willingly lived with the consequences through adulthood. Even now when the consequences mean the possible demise of his once successful law firm. When mysterious and beautiful Danielle Warren enters his life as a paralegal, she is wrapped in secrets. Dangerous secrets. And as they begin to unravel he has to decide to walk a thin line of his own. Aaand I’m not telling! You’ll have to read Secrets and Sins: Malachim to discover if Mal is Superman…or Batman.

Looking like sin and smelling like trouble…
Boston attorney Malachim Jerrod doesn’t trust anyone. His father and his ex-fiancĂ© taught him that hard lesson. So when a beautiful stranger arrives on his doorstep his first reaction is to back away—far away. Danielle Warren wants a job, but his law business is falling apart, and her credentials are bare-bones at best. Still, there’s something about her that, try as he might, he’s unable to resist. The vulnerability in her soft voice? The way she flinches when he gets too close? The yearning he sees mirrored in her eyes when she looks at him?
She’s the last thing he needs…
Two years ago, Danielle barely escaped alive from her powerful and abusive ex-husband.  Now her ex is out of prison, and he’s coming for her. She knows she must leave her new job and run. Disappear—to keep herself and those she loves safe. Including her sexy boss, who has sparked feelings in her heart she never thought she’d feel again. Yet, she can’t help but wonder...should she let down her guard and trust Malachim with the truth?
But the only one he desires.

Working together brings them closer than ever—but reveals secrets and sins best left buried in the past. Their lives and their passionate love at stake, Danielle and Malachim must fight to survive to grasp the future of their dreams.

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