Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Deadline Drama! A Photo Journal...

Clothes need to be put up but I'm working on a love scene!
Many authors have some things in common that cross genre. No, I'm not talking about plotting solid storylines, full character arcs, GMC, promotion woes... I mean, all those are very true and valid. But I'm referring to deadline drama. Or in other words, letting-everything-go-because-that-book-has-to-be-in-and-clean-drawers-and-food-other-than-coffee-and-trail-mix-don't-matter.

You know what I mean? I think you do.

So today, as I'm pushing toward my deadline, I'm airing my laundry today. Like literally.

But at least it's clean... The clothes are still sitting in the basket but they are clean!

There's the dishes, the house, the kids, the husband...

Yeah, well. Here's my photo diary of my deadline drama...

A cluttered desk is the sign of genius at work!
Now my dishes are clean...

....because we've been doing take-out!!

Don't judge me! Well, actually you can. I won't know it because I got get back to my ms! Bye! *salute!*

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