Thursday, April 4, 2013

End of an Era

I am very sorry to post that Petey, star of Pigs in Bondage, has passed on to the Great Meadow in the Sky.

For me, this is the end of a 10 year stint rescuing Guinea Pigs. There have been quite a few that came and went as foster pigs, but Petey was the last of the ones we took in and kept. In his case, God love him, the shelter called us because he was a biter. We tried to work with him on that, but it would take months to make headway and then it was time to cut his nails again, and we were right back to square one. It went on like that for 5 years, though he did come to let us pet his nose in the last year or so.

Most of us will miss the ornery little cuss. Stud has already drawn up the plans & measured that wall for a built-in coat rack.

Many of you will remember Petey's claim to internet fame, but for those of you who are new or maybe missed it the first time around, it's worth a repost.

Without further ado, I once again give you...Pigs in Bondage


No Guinea Pigs were harmed in the taking of this photo.

This Guinea Pig:
A) bites
B) prefers bondage
C) is waiting for a leather-wearing, whip-wielding sow
D) is waiting to be neutered

Um, yeah, A and D are true, but if you were even considering B and C, you have some issues. And A may be true, but that wouldn’t warrant getting neutered.

The truth? This is one of my Guinea Pigs. He’s antisocial, a spontaneous biter, and he sits on his food so his cage mate can’t eat it (then won’t eat it himself), but he’s so damn cute we forgive him. Kinda like Charlie Sheen. Or maybe Robert Downey Jr, because really, Charlie Sheen just isn’t that cute or forgivable anymore.

Just to be fair, here's a pic of him tonight, safe and sound, minus only a couple of parts he was never destined to use.

Back to the original pic. The best part is that the photo op was totally unintentional. I worked at the vet clinic and was brought into the OR because the Dr. had a question. I can’t remember what the question was, but I do remember telling them not to touch a thing and literally running to get my cell phone.

Now, those who know me even just a little bit know that I have a thing for Guinea Pigs. I adore them. But even I laughed in the vet’s face - who also happened to be my boss - when she told me we needed to spend a couple hundred bucks - with my employee discount, no less - to neuter a rodent. There was never any question that we’d pay for it, but I did get the “” eye roll from DH. (Lower case, because let’s face it, he’s married to me and there have been much worse things to get all upper case about.)

He so deserved to see this pic. I didn't write any text, just labeled it, Pigs in Bondage. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall! His coworkers didn't believe it was real. And just in case you don't, either, here's another view.

So, anyone I've shown these pics to has one of two reactions. They either burst out laughing or look at me like I've grown two heads for thinking this is the best photo op ever.

Which camp do you belong in?

A) Pigs in Bondage Rocks!
B) You Need Therapy


Ashlyn Chase said...

Rest in Peace little Petey. You gave us some great entertainment, even if you gave your owners a little more than they bargained for.

Dalton Diaz said...

He lived a long life. RIP.