Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And the cover is...

Well, it's a little late, but here's the cover for my Feb. 13 release: Nailed from Resplendence Publishing:

Sigh. Isn't he...I  mean it...pretty? Warner Beckett can fix my roof any time he wants! Anyway, this is a newer, longer, better version of a story that was part of a Resplendence anthology a while back. Now it's all on its own as a contemporary erotic romance novella with touches of paranormal.  

Here's the official blurb:

When shy scientist Karen Sikorski meets up with her college crush, Warner Beckett, sparks fly, but she knows the handsome contractor would never fall for a plain nerd like her. Warner, though, has other ideas. Smart, voluptuous Karen is everything he's ever wanted in a woman, and this time around, he's enough of a grown up to appreciate it. Now all he has to do is convince the lady he really does want her--in every way possible.

Here's a sneak preview: the very first excerpt posted from the new version:

“Would you like to come in,” she asked as he pulled into her driveway after their meal. Her stomach did somersaults while she waited one long heart-pounding moment for his response.
He smiled, slow and sexy. “I’d like that very much.” He switched off the truck, and climbed out of the cab, hustling around in time to help her down from the hiked-up cab. She felt his hands at her waist, right through the fabric of her cotton sweater.
“I could make coffee,” she said, as he took her hand and led her up the walk.
“If you want to,” he murmured. “I don’t mind one way or the other.”
Now what was that supposed to mean? She hoped it meant he was only interested in sex, but she couldn’t quite be sure. Still, her nipples had tightened into aching points at the mere sound of his voice.
He waited patiently while her fumbling fingers unlocked the door, then he followed her inside, carefully setting the latch behind them. That was good, right? It meant he was thinking about staying a while.
She stood in the hallway, half turned toward the kitchen. “Do you want—?”
“You.” His low tone was practically a growl. “In case you weren’t absolutely clear on it, Dr. Sikorski, the only thing I want right now is you.” He cupped her cheek with one hand and rested the other on the newel post of the curved oaken stair rail. Then, so slowly she could have fled if she’d wanted to, been able to, he lowered his face to hers and kissed her.
Oh. Wow.
His kiss was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. She wasn’t a virgin—she’d had a couple of ill-fated relationships in grad school—but clearly she’d been looking for a man in all the wrong places. Her knees went weak and she clutched at his broad shoulders for support—which pushed her sensitized nipples even closer to the solid expanse of his chest. He let go of the newel post and clasped her butt with that hand, pulling her hips flush against his rock-hard thighs. Leaning forward, she went up on her toes, opening her mouth as he traced his tongue along the seam of her lips. She tasted pizza, and the single bottle of wine they’d shared, and over it all, the heady flavor of man that she’d been missing so long.
“Jesus, Karen,” he said when his lips finally left hers to trail up to her ear. “Your bedroom is upstairs, right?” His hand slid from her butt up to her waist, and under her sweater to the small of her back.
“Uh huh.” She tipped her head to give him better access to her neck, where he nibbled on her skin, sending ripples of pleasure all the way down to her wet, clenching pussy.
“Good.” He moved so fast she didn’t figure it out until he’d slid his arm under her knee and scooped her up to his chest. “I always wanted to do this, but never had an appropriate staircase.”
“Put me down, you nut! You’ll hurt yourself.” While she knew she wasn’t exactly fat, she was no model either. She had her Nana Dzurak’s full boobs, and Granny Sikorski’s wide hips and sturdy thighs. No matter how much she dieted, those never went away. Still, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he easily loped up the steps.
“Honey, you weigh a whole lot less than a bundle of two-by-fours,” he said with a laugh. “Relax.”


Naima Simone said...

LOL!!! I love the excerpt! "She had her Nana Dzurak’s full boobs, and Granny Sikorski’s wide hips and sturdy thighs." I've said so many times I have my grandmother's Troxler arms. Y'know, the arms that jiggle? Hee-hee! I love that!

Wonderful-hot!-cover, Cindy! And the excerpt...well like I said above I really enjoyed it. I will be buying my copyyyy....now!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks, Naima! (Not sure you can pre-order yet.)

Katalina Leon said...

Love the cover and the excerpt Cindy! You Nailed it. : )

Amber Skyze said...

Yes, he can come work on my home anytime. I can't wait to get Nailed!

Liz said...

congrats! shared your news.

Victoria Adams said...

Hot guy - I mean cover. Blurb and excerpt are great - best of luck.

Harlie Reader said...

Great cover and excerpt. Nailed, I love it. :)


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks, everyone!

Naima Simone said...

Daaang! I'll keep an eye out then! This is definitely on my TBR list!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Loved this book:)

Lynda Bailey said...

Gorgeous cover and great excerpt. Another book for my TBR pile!

Dalton Diaz said...

“Honey, you weigh a whole lot less than a bundle of two-by-fours,”

ROFLMAO! In context, works great. Guy ever said this to me outside this scenario, I'd hit him upside the head with one of said 2x4's!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Sounds awesome, Cindy! And the cover too. Those abs. Whew! Oh, my!

Maggie Nash said...

Sounds like a brilliant story. Wow - he looks proud of himself too!

Casey Crow said...

Lovin' the man chest!