Sunday, November 4, 2012

Irreconcilable Differences?

This political season has seen some of the nastiest name-calling and mud-slinging in recent history. Seems to me the two parties here in the US are moving further and further apart in their ideology. And with that shift there seems to be fallout on a personal level for many of us. I'm not sure if this is thanks to social media like Facebook or if it's always been this way and I never noticed.

I've seen several Facebook friends write that they are blocking or just not showing in their feed people who have opposing ideology. Okay - that's a pretty innocuous way to deal with it. But others are posting mean-spirited comments and cartoons.

And the problems don't end on the internet. We've had neighbors steal signs from our yard, which I read is not an uncommon problem lately. When did we slip from civility to hostility over politics?

But in truth, when people have vastly different basic moral fiber, can they remain friends? I think it's possible, just not probable. I look at the friendship between former US presidents Bush (HW) and Clinton.

What do you think? Have politics gotten deeper into the muck lately or is it merely the same games played on a new field? Can people with opposing viewpoints be friends or even (gasp) lovers? Hmm. Yup - that's the premise of my next book:-)


CaroleDee said...

Since we moved overseas I haven't had the chance to see all the fighting first hand, BUT I will say that I've seen some crazy mudslinging with people on Facebook. It's shocking. Pretty much everyone on my friends list know each other and are friendly face-to-face.
I think people should stick to dinner party rules while on a social network; No posts about politics or religion!

I can see opposing sides being friends, but lovers eeeeeeh. Depends on how open they are with their opinions. There are so many better things to argue about in a relationship than politics LOL

My husband is totally ignorant to anything politics. I'd be surprised if he even knew who the running VPs were. Love him to death, but if something isn't about music, video games, pubs, or something his friends are into then he doesn't care. YES I married a perpetual teenager. (He turns 31 in December. LOL)

Wynter Daniels said...

Good points - Avoiding religion and politics makes great sense if you want to stay friends!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

CaroleDee, that's my take in a nutshell. I think it all comes down to common courtesy and a basic respect others.