Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's For Dinner?

What’s for dinner? I don’t know. What’s more, I don’t always want to be the one to have to decide.

This is a summer issue for me. To put it bluntly, it’s just too damn hot to care. Unfortunately, there are anywhere from 4 - 6 people in the house at any given time, who for some reason expect dinner every night. I do realize this is my fault, since I have no problem providing dinner during any other season. The fact that I’m a control freak in the kitchen kinda sets the tone, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love to cook. But I love to cook hearty meals. I love to EAT hearty meals, though one of my favorite foods is salad. Weird, huh? I do make salads in the summer, and lighter pasta dishes, but it just doesn’t hold the same satisfaction.

I’m going to try to jump start myself by going with a new recipe tonight. Greek chicken burgers. It means I have to go to the grocery store, but seeing as we’re down to two bananas and a few handfuls of nuts right now, that's not a bad idea.

Is there anything that you wish you could drop during the summer? Hallelujah to no school and all that entails like missing the bus, homework, school lunches and form deadlines. Senior year coming up for us, so let’s add senior pics, trips, and - oh yeah - that pesky little business of choosing and applying to colleges. And I have twins.

Hunh. Suddenly, grocery shopping and cooking dinner doesn’t seem so bad.

Click HERE for a link to the recipe I'll be trying tonight.


Amber Skyze said...

I'm with you, DD. I love summer, but most of the meals are on the grill. How many ways can you cook chicken, steak or burgers? Though I wouldn't trade the heat for the cold. :o)

Gonna try your recipe.

Dalton Diaz said...

We tried it. It was just ok. Needs cucumber in the sauce and the pita to keep it from being bitter. Luckily, I made a cucumber/tomato salad with it and we all just stuck it in the pita!

Casey Crow said...

I love pastas and salads in the summer to keep it light. I'm sure your family appreciates anything you do for them though!