Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RWA 2012 Anaheim Part 1: RITAs

Even Sleeping Beauty wouldn't have gotten a wink of sleep at the RWA 2012 Conference in Anaheim near Disneyland. I didn't. I was as busy as the Mad Hatter running from workshop to workshop and shooting video. Lots of video. 12 GB worth. That's 12 billion bytes as in billion.

This week I'm going to spotlight three of my favorite RITA award winners:


Joanna Bourne's wonderful tribute to teachers everywhere in her RITA speech for "The Black Hawk" 


Tessa Dare, winner of the RITA for "A Night to Surrender" -- her thank you to her hubby is beautiful

And here is the video everyone is talking about...


Ann Aguirre’s RITA speech for YA "Enclave" including her now infamous "interpretive dance."

Now if you'll excuse me, like Snow White's dwarf, Sleepy, I'm...going to...take a nap...zzzzzzzzzzz 


Ashlyn Chase said...

Great videos, Jina!

It must have been a wonderful conference. I'm sorry I missed it.

Wynter Daniels said...

I love the videos - especially Ann Aguirre's interpretive dance! Thanks for taking us there!

Naima Simone said...

Awesome videos, Jina! I so wish I could be there! Thanks for bringing a bit of the conference to us!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thanks, Ashlyn. The conference was "non-stop" with workshops on Friday lasting until 8 pm! Next year the conference is in Atlanta.

Jina Bacarr said...

You're welcome, Wynter--Ann's "dance" was a real highlight of the Rita awards. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jina Bacarr said...

You're welcome, Naima! My pleasure. I shot some of the workshops too and I'll be posting highlights over the next few weeks!!!

Casey Crow said...

Jealous I missed out on RWA this year, but we'll be rockin' it down south next year!

Jina Bacarr said...

I'll be posting videos of the hightlights of the RWA conference, Casey, so keep an eye out.

And, yes, RWA will be rocking 24/7 next year in Atlanta!! I love that city, esp. the Ritz Carlton Hotel.