Monday, July 23, 2012

The Muse Returns -- A Sneak Peek

After so many months I cannot count, my muse decided to return and I am once again at work on the sequel to Bound Odyssey. To reward myself, I thought I'd post an excerpt from the chapter I'm writing. The tentative title to this sequel is Bound Freedom, although that may well change. Don't hold me to it. It is a mmf futuristic/fantasy BDSM novel, so read accordingly. The book tells the story of Kristin, Gavreal and Bastion. In this excerpt Kristin takes the opportunity to play with the two men she is beginning to love, stretching her newly found Mistress skills. Here we go:

As they stood she wrapped her hands around the biceps of each and arranged them facing one another. Picture perfect to her eye. "Right now it pleases me to see you kiss one another. Kiss like it's a promise to fuck. Make me wet. I want to imagine what else those talented mouths might do for me later. You've spent too long apart and that's not acceptable anymore." 

Gavreal and Bastion. Dark and light. They stared at one another as she spoke, hungry, bottomless gazes full of the anger and heartbreak from these past years. But full of the history of their bond as well. The friendship. Love.

Bastion leaned in first, nipped Gav's lower lip, growled and reached his large hands to palm the back of Gavreal's head and neck. Drag their mouths together. Gavreal moaned and fisted Bast's shirt at his waist. Their lips crashed together, teeth and tongue a violent collision of need. Hard male need.

They ate at one another. Perfection. As she watched her nipples tightened to points that chafed against her top. One of Bastion's hands dropped from Gav's neck to his pelvis, palmed his cock through his pants, Gav's hips pumping into the touch.

"No touching below the waist," she warned. "You touch where I tell you to touch."

With a groan, Bastion removed his hand and fisted the hair at the back of Gavreal's head, pulling. Another moan.


Their faces almost pained at the action, they pulled apart, panting as their lips waited inches from each other. Pupils dilated. Caught in the pull of one another.

"You see what you missed? Never again, boys. You both need it too much."

Gavreal wrenched his gaze from Bast and toward her. "Join us, Mistress."

He didn't command, but desire spiraled out of his words, seducing her to enter the fire.

She considered the request. "Face one another again, eyes focused on each other. Stay still. One move and I end it."

Kristin approached and circled around Gavreal's back, pressing against it, rubbing her breasts, sliding her frustratingly covered pussy along his buttocks. Her palm slid along his hip bone, fingertips tracing a light path over his navel right above his groin. Scant inches still separated his lips from Bast's. Her words froze them in place, a powerful restraint as they submitted to her.

She stood on tiptoes and rested her lips against the nape of his neck, darted out her tongue and licked a path along the salty skin. Kris circled around him slowly, body moving from his to Bastion's as she pressed against her Lovely now. Her lips traveled, tasting, teasing Bast's jaw and cheek. She bit gently at his earlobe, feathered a kiss at the indentation she left.

Beneath her she felt his shudder. Her hands roamed freely over him, pinching his tiny numbs covered by fabric. She traded between them again and again, mouth working over exposed skin, sucking it into her mouth, tonguing them even through their clothes to leave wet trails over their bodies.

Only when she'd teased them like this for long stretches, felt their repeated trembling and the racing pound of their pulse beneath her touch, did she wiggle her way between them. She circled Bastion's wrists with her grasp, keeping his arms down to his sides as he began to embrace her. "Frozen, Lovely. Remember?"

And then she kissed him. Slow. The lightest brush of lip over his until she bit down hard. Her tongue limned the seam of his mouth, then pressed entry.

He tasted of smoke, mint, the Bramhal he must have drank while she slept. And desire. God, she wanted to tie him down and keep him safe--this sweet, lovely, sexy man who wanted only right for his world. This fighter, born of the people, using the brute strength of his intelligence to work his way into a position of change. The layers of him mixed with his raw, male strength and his need to submit to make a feast. One she didn't know from how she'd walk away.

Well, there it is. Stay tuned...


Wynter Daniels said...

Good job with the scene.
I hate it when my muse takes a vaca, but it's so awesome when she returns!

Jax Cassidy said...

Congrats on your muse returning! It's a great feeling when you've been stifled. This sounds like a juicy read.

Ashlyn Chase said...

I'm glad your Muse is talking to you again, Michelle. Now, chain her to the chair!