Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holy Cow, A GPS That Works!

OMG, and Glory Be, there is a GPS out there that works, and it's FREE!

Okay, okay, here's the scoop: My DH, also known as Stud, downloaded a free GPS app to his iPhone. Now, you all know how I feel about my Lyin' GPS. It lies, and it makes no bones about the fact that it hates me. It's hard to miss when it consistently tries to kill me. So when Stud told me he he liked this product, I of course ran to my iPhone and downloaded it for myself.

Yeah, right. I mean, Stud is only right 99% of the time.

I ignored the man and continued to bitch about the LGPS. After all, better the evil you know, right? I mean, just because it consistently tries to kill me doesn't mean it will actually get the job done. At least I know to question what it says.

Fast forward a couple of months. Stud and I meet some friends for dinner over an hour away, and he's using his new GPS. It doesn't lie. It adjusts time of arrival traffic, as reported by other people who use the system. And shhhhhh, it told us when there was a cop around! Not that we need that function, but it is fun to play "find the cop" when it beeps.

I got home and downloaded the app, and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward again about a week. P has stolen the LGPS to get to his travel baseball games. I neglect to grab it before I go on an adventure with The Sherry. Now I have no GPS and a passenger who is actually worse than me at navigation. Not an easy achievement.

But wait...I had downloaded that app. By now you're probably screaming at the screen, wondering if I'm ever going to tell you the name of it. It's called Waze. It can be found at:

I turn it on, and bam! we're on our way. It gets every street name right. It tells me clearly and in plenty of time what I need to do and when it will happen. It tells me there is a cop coming up, and 30 seconds later, we pass a State Trooper by the side of the road with a radar gun. Again, not that I needed that function. The only problem I had with the thing is that I turned the vocal commands on and, well, I did mention that The Sherry was my passenger. ; ) I kept having to tell Waze to cancel her orders because it didn't understand what she was saying to the other drivers. It must have been the New England accent. Or maybe Waze realized her requests were anatomically impossible.

Bottom line? I'm a believer. Waze is my new GPS. Did I mention that it's FREE? It won't help with things like the idiot woman Sherry and I saw on 93, who thought it was okay to get out of her car and get her purse from the back seat while in stop-and-go traffic. A red light, maybe, but there's that go part of the equation that really doesn't work on a highway. Unfortunately, there was no alert icon on Waze to warn people of upcoming idiot three cars ahead.

Now I just have to decide if I'm putting the LGPS under my car tire, or letting P use it with the hope it won't try to kill him, too. I kinda like the kid. All right, you can't make this stuff up. As I sit on my couch typing this, P just fowled the air - sitting in front of a fan pointed toward me. Excuse me while I hand over the LGPS.

OK, I'm back. So take it from me, go to and download this puppy. FOR FREE!! I tried not to use it, I tried not to like it, but it's just too amazing. You don't have to have an iPhone.

(Legal Disclaimer: The Sherry not included in download.)


Wynter Daniels said...

Cool. I'll have to try that and share it with my daughter who gets lost a lot. Although I love my GPS, it is occasionally wrong.

Dalton Diaz said...

She'll love it! Fun to use, too.

Sherry said...

Ok, so, yesterday in DD's car, while trying to download this amazing piece of technology, it refused to download onto my android.. Now, it says it has an app for android BUT…

Who knows.. it could be operator error.. or it could be me in the midst of killing yet another phone.. I do have that power..

Oh, and just so you know.. If DD doesn't have the instructions 45 minutes ahead of time she says the GPS lies..

Although.. my GPS which I have downloaded on my phone now.. was really confused for a very long period of time.. BUT, I have to say.. the streets in Boston are confusing as hell for a human.. I can just imagine what a robot thinks.. OH .. that's right.. THEY DON'T.. ..

Let's take that baby for a real test drive.. Let's get me from my Apt to the Drs. office in 25 minutes and not get US lost.. That will be the REAL TEST..

Jax Cassidy said...

I have an awesome GPS on my HTC Evo but it doesn't have a British accent option. Hmm, must investigate.

Naima Simone said...

ROFL!! Give that LGPS over to P!! I'm still giggling while I type this! I am soooo totally trusting you on this app because I have the same hate/hate relationship with the LGPS that you did! I'm getting it! Thanks for sharing, Dalton!!

Dalton Diaz said...

Let me know what you all think. I don't think you'll be disappointed.