Monday, July 2, 2012

Looking Back

As writers, the road we choose is often pitted with disappointments along the way -- a rejection, a bad review, disappointing sales. But I've come to learn that it helps to look back and remember where I started.

I had one of those moments recently when I acquired the rights back to one of the first stories I ever wrote. It was supposed to be erotic but when I started editing and updating it, I realized how badly I'd missed the mark on that score. The one true love scene in the book was not only short and lacking in any real detail, but it was totally lacking heat. The second time the couple hooked up, I closed the bedroom door. Yikes! 

The wonderful thing about all the changes in the publishing business is that they are giving us the opportunity to correct some oversights in our early work. I just love that! I took that flat story and jazzed it up, turned up the heat and threw that bedroom door wide open. 

It's beyond cool to me that I have the chance to fix something from my past. Not many areas of our life offer such options. What about you? Is there anything you'd do over in your career or your personal life? 


Naima Simone said...

Hi, Wynter!
Oh I've had one of those moments where I picked up something I wrote years ago and had a "DOOOPHH" moment. The cool thing was it actually showed me how far I'd come in my writing, and encouraged me. We all continue to learn--in our writing, about the publishing world, ourselves as authors, mothers, wives,etc. Like you, I'm going to revamp that ms, because it wasn't all awful, and submit it!! Waste not, want not! And that includes all the experiences we've had in this writing journey!

Jax Cassidy said...

I totally agree, Wynter! I've picked up some of my first projects and I had to shudder at all the beginning writer mistakes I'd made. The awesome thing about getting rights back is that you can really make it even better now that you've gained the experience that you didn't have in the early stages of your career. I know I've grown by leaps and bounds so I'm excited to be given the chance to write books that may not be loved by editors, but that are meaningful to me. :) Keep up the good work!