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Laura Kaye: Seduced by the Vampire King

It's my last post here on Naughty Author Chicks, and what better way to go out with a bang than host the lovely, insanely talented Laura Kaye? She's here to talk about her newest erotic paranormal romance, Seduced by the Vampire King.

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’d love to! And thanks for hosting me here! I write paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance and my newest release, Seduced by the Vampire King, is my 7th book. I’m also a wife, mom of two young girls (ages 8 and almost 6), college history professor, total vampire addict, and Marylander!

(As a side note, it turns out Laura and I have A LOT in common. Our kids are the same ages. We both hold degrees in history and archaeology, and we were both softball pitchers. Plus we both write steamy romances! Hello, can you say kindred spirits?) When did you first begin writing novels?
I started writing fiction almost four years ago. I had a head injury that left me with a new creative streak demanding I try my hand at writing a novel. Three months later, I had a draft of my first manuscript, which became my vampire romance, Forever Freed. It’s been very gratifying that FF has gone on to garner a number of award wins and finals—as my first book, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart!

I'm glad you're okay now after the injury, but that story makes me want to go bang my head into something :) (maybe THAT'S what I've been missing?) Please tell us about Seduced by the Vampire King (isn't the cover gorgeous?)
It's the second book in my Vampire Warrior Kings series. It offers a play on an enemies-to-lovers trope by pairing a king who only wants vengeance with a human woman who has fled 5,000 miles from home to escape her destiny in the service of vampires. 

Here’s the blurb:
American exchange student Kate Bordessa has fled to Russia to escape her family's hopes that she'll become one of the Proffered, human women who feed and mate with elite vampire warriors. But when she stumbles upon a wounded vampire in the streets of Moscow, she's instinctively driven to protect him--and feels an undeniable spark of desire.

Grieving over the deaths of his brothers, Vampire Warrior King Nikolai Vasilyev has thrown himself into battling his enemies, focused only on vengeance. Until the attack that brought him to Kate. Their sexual attraction explodes into a night of uncontrolled passion--a night that marks them as mates. Is their connection strong enough to convince them to embrace a destiny neither of them was expecting?

Having read some of your hotter books already, I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. Tell us more about this series!
There are two books so far in the Vampire Warrior Kings series, In the Service of the King and Seduced by the Vampire King. Though they all take place in a world where seven remaining vampire warrior kings have united with an elite group of humans to fight an evil horde of immortals called the Soul Eaters, the books are mostly stand alone.

What do you love the most about this particular book?
Besides the characters, which are always my first love, I particularly love the dungeon sex scene! LOL Seriously. Sexy times. Dungeon. What more do I need to say???

Which character is your favorite?
As much as I love Nikolai—and I do, he’s incredibly sexy and tortured and alpha—I really love the heroine Kate in this story. She is totally kick ass—she keeps her head together in incredibly difficult situations, saves Nikolai’s life, and stands up to his warriors. She’s one of my favorite heroines ever!

What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Drafting the story is my favorite. I write by the seat of my pants and don’t always have an idea of what’s going to happen until it happens. That process of discovery is almost the same experience the reader has when reading, and I love that! Sometimes I’m like, where the heck did that come from???

I so cannot relate to that, lol. I always struggle with the drafting part. What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
Well, besides the fact that I suck at plotting at a story before I write it, I find revising difficult. Once the book is in my head a certain way, it’s challenging to see it in a new way. Though I have no question that a good editor makes the difference between a passable book and a really good one!

How long does it generally take you to complete a book?
Depending on the length of the book, how well the story’s cooperating, and what’s going on in my real life, it can take me anywhere from 4-8 weeks, on average, to draft a book. Sometimes it takes longer, but I generally shoot to write 2-3,000 words a day, which makes it possible to hit 75-80K in that time frame.

Holy cow. Way to make a girl feel lazy, Laura! So, do you map everything out ahead of time, or do you like to be surprised along with the characters as the story unfolds?
Not at all. Total surprise. And I love that experience!

What are you working on now?
I’m writing the follow-up story to my recent contemporary romance release Her Forbidden Hero. The heroine’s brother from that story will get his own book, tentatively slated to release in September from Entangled’s new hot imprint line called Brazen.

What will you be working on next?
Next I’ll write the third book in the Vampire Warrior Kings series, which will be set in Tromso, Norway. I’m very excited to play in that setting!

Where can we find you?

Excerpt from the Dungeon Sex Scene:
His tongue, his thigh, his eyes, those little sounds of masculine appreciation—it was all too much. “Oh, God, Nikolai. You have to…” She shook her head, unable to control her breathing, or her body. “You have to stop, or I—”
“Not yet.” He pulled his leg away.
She whimpered and flexed off the bars.
The corner of his mouth curled up as he healed her with one last long, languid stroke of his tongue.
“No, no. I have to. Please.” She squirmed and ground her belly against his cock. Despite her general inexperience, her body acted on its own instinct, seemingly knowing what, or whom, would bring her the relief and release she nearly screamed for.
“You have to what, angel?”
She hesitated for a few short, quick heartbeats. “I have to...” The word on the tip of her tongue, she clenched her thighs together, burning for the friction he’d given to her moments before. “Oh, God.”
“You have to come, yes?” he whispered against her ear. Kate nodded, her stomach flipflopping at his tone, full of sin and satisfaction. One hand fell to her jeans, tugged at the zipper, ripped the denim open. “I want to wear you on my skin,” he said.
Gently but firmly, he slid his fingers under the band of her panties.
The rough pads of his fingertips slid into the soft hair at the top of her mound, and Kate moaned and grabbed the closest bar with her free hand to keep from falling. He kicked at the inside of her shoe. “Open.”
Pressed against the iron bars of her dungeon cell, Kate spread her legs.

 Whoa! *fans self and hits "buy" button*

About Laura Kaye:
Voted Breakout Author of the Year in the 2011 GraveTells Readers’ Choice Awards, Laura is the bestselling and award-winning author of over a half-dozen books in paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance. Hearts in Darkness is the EPIC eBook Award Winner for Best Novella and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit Winner for Best Romance Novella, Forever Freed is the NJRW Golden Leaf Winner for Best Paranormal of 2011 and is a finalist for two GDRWA Booksellers’ Best Awards, and North of Need, the first book in the Hearts of the Anemoi series, is a finalist for a FF&P PRISM award, was named GraveTells’ Best Book of 2011 and won their 5-STAR Gold Heart Award, and won Sizzling Hot Read of the Year at Sizzling Hot Books. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


Gayle Latreille said...

Oh!! This book sounds right up my alley. Love those hot, alpha-vamps.

Would love to win the ebook and add another wonderful author to my list.

Thanks so much.


Laura Kaye said...

Yay! Thanks Gayle! And thanks for kicking off the comments! :)

Sandra Dailey said...

I haven't read Vampire Warrior Kings yet, but they sound terrific. I told my husband about them and he wants to read them too. He loves these type stories as much as I do. I hope I can get one as a prize.
Good luck!!!

Sandra Dailey said...

I told my husband about the Vampire Warrior Kings. He loves this theme as much as I do and wants to read them too. That's why we still have a lot of spice in our marriage :). I would love to win this one and I will be buying the first.
Good Luck!!!

Laura Kaye said...

Sandra - your husband rocks! :)

Froggy said...

Hi Laura! :)

Do any of your students ever bring in your books to be signed?

I have to say I love this book cover!

Susan W. said...

Wow, glad you're ok after your head injury! Actually, you're better than ok! Love the stories your new creative streak has produced!


Laura Kaye said...

@Froggy - no! Part of the reason I use a pen name (Laura is my real name, Kaye is not) is to separate my academic and fiction writing. One student did find out (and has probably told others) because there was a site that used my real name on the profile (against my wishes) and he happened upon it. I didn't even know until he emailed me to ask about my fiction writing. So far, I've kept the worlds mostly separate, but I doubt that'll last for long!

Thanks for the cover love! :)

Laura Kaye said...

@Susan - thanks so much!

debi01760 said...

Holy....omg...I'm so reading this book ;)

Wynter Daniels said...

Laura - I love the sound of this book - totally unique! Congrats.

And Callie - we'll miss you!

Laura Kaye said...

@Debi - your comment totally made me squee! :D

@Wynter - thank you so much!

Naima Simone said...

Awesome interview, Laura! And Seduced by the Vampire King sounds like a wonderful read! Oh Lawd the dungeon scene! LOL! Sounds like a sensual, cool plot--love enemies to lovers! Even if I don't win this book, I'll be buying it for my TBR pile!!

Callie, you will sooo be missed!!

bn100 said...

Great excerpt. The book sounds good.


Laura Kaye said...

@Naima - yay! That's awesome! Glad you like the dungeon! :D

@bn100 - Thanks!

Julianne said...

Who wouldn't want to be Seduced by the Vampire King?!? I wouldn't fight very hard, that's for sure. *wink*
It's probably very hard to keep both names totally seperate, good luck on that one.
If you are only writing 4 books of the 7 kings, what will happen with the other 3 kings?
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

June M. said...

I loved IN THE SERVICE OF THE KING and can't wait to read this one. Loved the excerpt and am very eager to read more.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Tina B said...

I totally understand why you love the dungeon scene, Laura!! Wow!
Thank you for sharing. :)
I love those strong heroines, not to mention those oh so sexy heroes!
It sounds like you have such a busy and fulfilling life. How do you find time to write?
trb0917 at

Laura Kaye said...

@Julianne - It's not too hard to keep them separate, especially since I use the same first name! You'll find out what happens to all the kings in the four! :)

Laura Kaye said...

@June - thanks so much!

@Tina - Yay! Glad you liked! I write mostly at night after my girls go to bed, and whenever else I can fit in some time!

Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

Casey Crow said...

Welcome, Laura! Sorry I'm late to the party, but we are glad to have you at Naughty Author Chicks!

Callie Croix said...

Sandra Dailey, you're the winner! Since you've left your e-mail address for me, I'll have Laura contact you with a digital copy of the book. Hope you enjoy it!