Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun With Veggies

Ever have one of those days where everything you see and hear seems phallic? Whaaaat? Not since you were a Tween? Well, that's about my maturity level today.

Fair warning: you may never tell your kids to eat their veggies again.

We'll start with one of my faves, which I did post before. It's worth mentioning again to get the, er, balls rolling. Stuck the thing in my shopping cart and walked all over with it before deciding to just snap a pic. I just couldn't imagine bringing it home.

Miss the initial post? It's a horseradish root. Mother Nature has a wonderfully warped sense of humor.

Which brings us to the next one, found (and held) by the one and only The Sherry at a BJ's. Yes, BJ's. Let those jokes begin. She certainly did. I don't think the young man working the veggie section will ever be the same.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what this is. I assure you it is not, however, a dildo or petrified dog doo.

And finally, nature at its finest. This was in a bag of baby carrots that I dumped into a salad. It ended up on my mother's plate, so really, it's her fault for noticing. Hey, I did say MY mother, not Stud's. Yes, I'm the one who stuck it in the mashed potatoes, but only because it wouldn't stay erect without a firm grip at its base.  ; )

You don't believe it's not staged? Need another view? Here you go.

I love Mother Nature.


Casey Crow said...

That is insanely weird!

Jina Bacarr said...

Dalton -- gotta ask about the carrot: was it as big as it looks? You did say baby carrots...

This reminds me of the statues you see in Japan in the countryside of the folk goddess Okame with a backpack filled with mushrooms (she's holding one too!).

Also, during a fertililty festival, you can ride a seesaw shaped like a--you guessed it!--penis.

Wynter Daniels said...

oh my! I love eating my veggies, but this gives me a whole new outlook on them;-)