Monday, May 14, 2012

GPS and the Spy Master

This past weekend I finally confronted my need to buy a GPS for my car. Despite my first full-length novel fitting in the futuristic category, I run a decade or so behind in my technology and tech know-how in my day to day life. Before I drive somewhere new I still depend on typing in the address in map quest and printing out the results. And although this works out fine many times, there are certain situations when it is not optimal. Like returning home from a party in the dark, trying to reverse the long string of directions I depended upon to arrive there through a twisty turny neighborhood. No light means no way to dependably read street signs or the written directions for that matter.

After swerving into lanes in the wrong direction last Saturday, trying to reverse frequent mistakes, and generally depending on sheer luck to find myself home without becoming hopelessly lost, I decided it was time to make the GPS purchase.

Plus, how can I ever aspire to write a spy romance if I don't hone up on my gadgetry. James Bond was briefed on the latest and greatest wizardry in his sexy cars so that he was prepared to casually flip switches to the ray guns and navigate complex roadways with multiple hazards to catch or outrun the bad guys.

I figure if I can't even pass GPS 101 I will be unprepared to write my own intense chase scenes. Of course the modern GPS has little to do with the black box tech of Bond's automobiles, but a girl has to start somewhere. And if I don't get to the meeting with Q because I got lost on the way over, I'll never get my 00 assignment to start.

I may be confusing myself with some potential character, but I do like to submerge myself in my heroes and heroines. (grin)

Perhaps buying a GPS qualifies as "research" and can be written off as a writing expense? Nah, but you have to consider all the angles.

I know once I make this leap I will come to depend upon the damn thing like everyone else. So it's time to compare options and make an educated choice. I can only hope that the choice comes with a sexy male British voice in the computer. Then I'll truly be inspired to write that novel. All I need now is a plot.

What sort of real life gadgets made their way into your favorite novels? Ones you've read or ones you've written?


Wynter Daniels said...

I looove my GPS and I would stay lost without it! I love all the little machines in Steampunk romances, especially those that clean house;-)

Naima Simone said...

I have not submitted to the GPS lure yet. Even though my husband probably includes me in his nightly prayers that I will stop being so stubborn and just give in! Although, I guess if I'm going to continually hope they come up with the common man's KITT from "Night Rider", I'm going to have to start with trusting the GPS!

Michelle Polaris said...

How about if we come up with a KITT that also cleans house? Nirvana! I'm glad you trust your GPS, Wynter. And Naima, KITT might consider himself so much above a GPS that he wouldn't be offended if you never got into that groove. I'll let you know what I think about mine once I get organized enough to purchase one.

Dalton Diaz said...

Ooph! Have you not read my posts about the lying GPS? Godspeed, my friend.