Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sexiest Memory

I just got completely distracted in the middle of writing a scene, due to a flashback of one of my all time favorite memories of my hubby.

It's no secret I love catchers, and my main crush is the Boston RedSox captain, Jason Varitek (pictured at left), who probably played his last season in 2011. But even before Tek came into my life, I fell in love with an even sexier catcher.

Back when I was a national level fastpitch softball pitcher (seems like forever ago!), when I couldn't get a catcher to work with me between our insane game/practice/tournament schedule, my man used to catch for me. He first offered when we weren't even dating yet. I didn't know him all that well at that point, so I wasn't sure how seriously I could take him. I mean, what if he sucked at catching and I hurt him? Like, really hurt him? I'd broken catchers' fingers before and left serious contusions when they didn't snag up a pitch in the dirt quick enough. I remember being really skeptical about throwing to him, but since I really needed the extra work, I took him up on his offer and decided I'd just start out gently and see how things went.

I think it was that day that I truly started seeing him as something other than a friend. Squatting behind the plate wearing a catcher's mask, easily handling anything I could dish out at him, he was something to see. I'll never forget what he said to me after we warmed up a little. He stood up to stretch his legs at one point and tipped his mask back up on his head to give me a sexy little wink before tugging his mask down. Dropping back into his crouch, he slapped his fist into his glove and held it out as a target, saying, "Come on, baby, hit me."


I was done for, right then and there. Instant, chemical lust, people. He was the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. Ever. To this day, thinking about him back there makes me all tingly :) I think it was that day that changed things between us forever. It took a few more months for us to start dating, but the all important groundwork of friendship was already there.

Not only was he fabulous as a catcher, he was also incredibly supportive. He came to every game and away tournament, no matter how far he had to drive or fly to get there. He'd help out with the other pitchers occasionally too, and all the girls liked having him around. I think they all were a little in love with him, but I was the one that got to take him home every night. Lucky me :)

Any of you have really strong memories like that about your significant other? Would love to hear about them!

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Samantha Ann King said...

This may be G-rated, but it's an incredibly sexy story!