Thursday, January 26, 2012

East Coast vs West Coast

I’m taking a trip to the west coast next month, so I have California on the brain. I’m a west coast to east coast transplant, and there are a few oddities that still stand out, even after almost 20 years. Ready?

What I miss about So Cal:
  • Mall w/Starbucks every 500 feet
  • Not having to own a winter coat
  • Great Mexican food! Mexican food costs $12 - $16 a plate on the east coast, yet it still tastes like crap. It’s better now that we have Chipotle’s and Anna’s (not so close by), but when we first moved here it was only one Taco Bell, 15 min away, that made their bean burritos ahead of time and put them in a warming oven when you ordered it. Ugh! Now they make it fresh, but put 50% onions in anything you order. It’s still an improvement.
  • In N Out Burger. Sorry, but 5 Guys Burgers isn’t even close.
What I don’t miss about So Cal:
  • Mall w/Starbucks every 500 feet
  • The weather. I know, I know, and there's that whole not needing a winter coat thing, but it really starts to suck when it’s 80 degrees EVERY day, including Christmas. It’s just not right.
  • Too much food at my fingertips. And my thighs. And my ass.
Differences that Still Drive Me Crazy:
  • Cuts of beef: Why are cuts and roasts, while exactly the same, called something different? I know there are different types of cows, but when it comes to where the meat is, a cow is a cow is a cow.
  • Hellmann’s mayo vs Best Foods mayo: It’s the same damn thing. Literally. Hellmann’s is bottled by Best Foods, so why can’t they just call it Best Foods?
  • Jimmies: They’re sprinkles, folks. Who the hell is Jimmy, and why would I want him to sit on my ice cream?
  • Ant (sp) vs Aunt: Yes, the east coast wins this one. It is spelled Aunt, and should be said Aunt.
  • Directions west coast: "You take the 101 S to the 5 N." East coast: "You take 95 S to 128 S, but you're really going N until you hit 93 N, which will take you S."
There are others, I'm sure, but like I said, these still stand out after 20 years. Other things I've gotten used to, and even prefer. After all, until I moved here, I'd never even heard of a fluffernutter.

So which do I prefer? Overall, I'd have to say the east coast. The way of life here simply fits me better, weather and all. This is home.


Ashlyn Chase said...

OMG, they don't have fluffernutters on the west coast? I sent 5 service men stockings for Christmas and in each one I had Peanut Butter and Marshmallow fluff. I hope they were from the east coast, else they'd wonder what to do with them. LOL

Wynter Daniels said...

Well, there are major differences from Northeast to Southeast (where I live). I don't own a winter coat and we do have a Starbucks every 500 feet - which, I agree, is a plus and a minus. One thing I love of east over west - hurricanes with warning vs. earthquakes with no warning (I'm a planner;-)

Virginia E said...

Excuse me? If you're going to take potshots at the Left Coast, please be real. I doubt even Loose Angles has quite that many Spendybucks. Other places out left have real coffee houses that do their own roasts.

As for the weather, granted we aren't up to the eaves in drifts, but even the Minnesnota tourist admitted it gets too cold to go pool swimming at times. Since they consider 40F time to break out the shorts and tanning lotion, I'd call that any expert opinion that we aren't always 80F. And yes, we need winter coats. Just because Easties call them raincoats or slickers...

Oh, by the way, Most beef doesn't come from cows, it comes from steers. Cows are girl bovines while steers used to be boy bovines.

Dalton Diaz said...

LOL! Ash, on the west coast it's used as a little known ice cream topper and comes in a very small glass jar. I had never known of its existence until I knew what to look for.

Dalton Diaz said...

Very true, Wynter. I have been thru many an earthquake, and they are scary as all get out! We used to have earthquake drills in school where we all had to get under our desks.

Dalton Diaz said...

Virginia, a raincoat or slicker is NOT a winter coat! It's all about layers here, and the top one had better be pretty thick. Oh, and scarves, gloves and hats aren't just for fashion.

A cow is a cow is a...steak.

Paige Tyler said...

I grew up on the east coast, but we spent some time on the west coast and the pacific northwest, and totally love it!


Jina Bacarr said...

Dalton, you're so right about the weather! Here in SoCal it was as breezy and warm as a summer day today. We did have a whole day of rain last week, so maybe there's hope for us after all...

Michelle Polaris said...

I'm glad you like your East Coast home because I certainly expect you to stay. And that's an order.