Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Lights

When I lived in LAand during a writing funkone of my favorite things to do was drive through the city. I owned a Jeep at the time so I'd take off the top and go on a grand adventure. The long winding road would lead me through the quiet streets into Laurel Canyon and drop off in Hollywood. Sometimes I'd take Mulholland Drive to Santa Monica. Sometimes I'd go all the way to the PCH, Venice, or Manhattan Beach. The drive was therapeutic and when I came home, I'd always feel refreshed and inspired.

What was special about the drive was cutting through the narrow streets that kept ascending to what felt like the stars, maybe even to the heavens. You could barely squeeze two cars through the road at a given time but the magic was in the lights. Especially during the holiday months when these million dollar homes would be decorated from trees to the gate to the front door. It was truly something special. Like something out of the movies, so surreal and tranquil.

What I learned from these drives was that it was a mental break from all the stresses of the world. It allowed me to let go of all the pressures and expectations so my head could clear and my mind could refocus on what was the most As writers, we need to step away for a moment and enjoy the ride. To feel the wind whipping at our faces, to see the lights show us the way, to allow the creativity and energy to flow through so that our mind could breathe. It's good to empty the clutter so new ideas and excitement can form. We all put so much energy into everything and not enough into ourselves. Maybe it's time to change all that.

So this holiday season, I'm wishing all my friends and fellow writers a very relaxing and inspiring one...I hope that in 2012 you find that balance in which you can put equal energy into your art and your family!

photo credit: photoinsajd via weheartit


Jina Bacarr said...

Ah, yes, Jax, how well I also remember those days making that long, curving drive on Laurel Canyon--going "over the hill" for meetings at Hanna Barbera or WB or memories!

You're right about the mental break. Important to fill up those creative wells.

Merry Christmas!!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thank you for the wishes Jax. They are just the right (write) ones!

Casey Crow said...

Merry Christmas!

Jax Cassidy said...

Merry Christmas everyone at NAC! :)

Thank you for allowing me into your circle this year! Have a wonderful time with family and loved ones...