Friday, December 16, 2011

Naughty Christmas Gifts!

If you're looking for some naughty Christmas gifts - and who isn't?! - I've got some fun suggestions for you!

First is SPANK ME, BABY.

It's a sweet, edible powder you can smooth over your guy's skin - or have him smooth over yours! - before a spanking. You can also use it to soothe that freshly spanked bottom afterward.

Check it out at Babeland.

If edible powder isn't you're thing, but you still want something to cover your guy in just so you can lick it off - or he can lick it off you! - there's always CHOCOLATE BODY PAINT.

Check it out at Chocolate Fantasies.

Looking for something to make oral sex even more stimulating? Then pick up NAUGHTY KISS LIP GLOSS in Tingling Mint. Not only will it make your lips tingle, but it'll make your guy tingle, too. In a good way!

Check it out at Victoria's Secret.

Want your guy to simply unwrap you instead? Then dress up as SANTA BABY when you give him his present!

Check out all the sexy Christmas lingerie at 3 Wishes.

And if you're looking for something for yourself - though you can certainly give it as a gift, too! - take a peek at my two Christmas erotic romances, SANTA'S WAYWARD ELF and SEXY SECRET SANTA.

I've got yummy excerpts on my website!

Merry Christmas!


"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"


Michelle Polaris said...

That's the holiday spirit!

Callie Croix said...

I'm a Victoria's Secret fanatic, and I didn't know they had that lipgloss! Thanks for the tip ;) I love the holiday themed books--I hope to write one someday.

Paige Tyler said...

Michelle - LOL! Totally!

Callie - I'm a VS girl, too, and I didn't know they had the lipe gloss, either. I don't look at their Beauty line much. I saw the lip gloss when I Googled sexy Christmas gifts. They sell Booty Parlor stuff, too! I love writing holiday romances! They're so fun!


Jina Bacarr said...

Naughty but nice holiday gifts, Paige! Love the chocolate paint, gooey but fun!

Re: Santa's Wayward Elf: I love the idea of your heroine being an "elf in lust." Conjures up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

chirth7 said...

I want the Spank me Powder and the little Santa Baby outfit for sure!

Same here, I didn't know about the lip gloss either. Fun Stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Christine

Paige Tyler said...

Jina - Love the chocolate body paint, too. Fun and yummy! A sexy combination! LOL! Thanks so much for the compliment. I loved writing Sosie's character!

Christine - You're welcome! I have a Santa girl outfit I got from Victoria's Secret when they sold them. Love it! So does hubby! LOL!


Casey Crow said...

Fun post. Paige, I think you should buy the the Santa costume. Your hubby would love it and it can double at the RT costume party when you have to dress like one of your characters.LOL

closetwriteranonymous said...

Can I like have them all and have my beau choose what he would love for Christmas??

Thanks Paige for the goodies. I mean, ideas... :)