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All you need to know about the Hunter

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Who is the Hunter?

He’s a character I’ve had in my mind for some time. A mysterious adventurer who has an almost mystical power to know what a woman wants and needs in bed. He has an unlimited fortune that allows him to roam the world doing just that.

Sound sexy? There’s more.

I’ve also been intrigued by the popularity of one-night stands.

You see them in films, short stories, anthologies and novels. That naughty deed that allows you to indulge in your fantasies with a stranger without worrying about what he’ll think “the morning after.” 

Not all one-night stands are about sex. Sometimes you meet a man outside your normal environment and because he’s a stranger, you talk about things you wouldn’t with anyone else. You never see him again, but you come away wiser and more confident about yourself.

That’s what I wanted to write about: an erotic short story (under 5,000 words) where the sex is hot and the Hunter helps the heroine discover something about herself that makes her blossom as a woman.

I’ve just self-pubbed the first story, “Breaking the Rules,” [available on Amazon and Smashwords for $.99!) and I’ve included the blurb and excerpt in this post.

But first, tell me, what do you think about one-night stands?


“Breaking the Rules”

The Hunter knows what a woman wants in bed…and he always delivers. Going from town to town, he fulfills a woman’s most intimate, sexual fantasies.

A one-night stand she’ll never regret.

He has the power to give each woman what she needs, whether it’s oral/anal sex, BDSM, ménage, foreplay, sex toys, role playing, etc. He takes on whatever persona necessary to focus on her needs, her emotional core.

Her sexual adventure takes center stage in every Hunter story.

In “Breaking the Rules,” Elaine is a rules-kind-of-girl, whether it’s at work or in the bedroom. She sets out on journey of self-discovery when she meets the Hunter, who shows her that rules are made to be broken.

The Hunter is coming to your town…are you ready?

Excerpt from “Breaking the Rules:” 

“I'd like to interview you for my book,” said the Hunter, looking at her crossed bare legs under the table. Without thinking about the consequences, she uncrossed them.

“Me? A legal secretary?” she said, closing her laptop. That was a silly thing to say. As if she had no identity other than what she did for a living. That didn’t surprise her. She'd been so focused on her job, she hadn't had a date in months. Not since Hank broke up with her via a text message.

“I think you'd make an interesting chapter, Elaine.” He put his hand on her knee, making her stiffen.

“I don't read those kinds of books,” she said, avoiding his gaze. It was a lie. She did read them, the ones with the highlander heroes and the bold heroines. She loved staying up all night reading a spicy novel, a vibrator in one hand and an e-book reader in the other.

The battery gave out before she finished the book.  

“No harm in asking,” he said, offering her a lemon drop. She shook her head. “You look like the adventurous type.”

“No way. I play by the rules,” she blurted out, then wished she hadn't. Hank had made it clear she was anything but adventurous. Boring but dependable, like her white cotton panties.

No wonder he fell for a girl who went commando.

“Bet I could change your mind.” He popped another lemon drop into his mouth and began sucking on it, licking his lips in a provocative manner that mesmerized her. Made her wish she had the courage to allow him to focus his attention on her throbbing clit.

But that, too, was against the rules.

She said, “I bet you couldn't.”

“I'd like to try.” He took her hand in his under the table and squeezed it, then stroked her palm with his fingers, sending tiny shivers through her.

It seemed natural for her to squeeze back, a heat rising in her that begged to ignite and forget he was a stranger. To let him do with her as he pleased. 

Why not? For a reason she didn’t understand, she felt close to him, like she knew him. As if he were one of the scowling heroes she swooned over in the novels she read.

A modern-day warrior rescuing a lady in distress in the midst of battle.

She let her natural instincts take over when he blew in her ear, making her tremble with pleasure. A sigh that turned into a moan escaped from her lips. A sound of frustration that was an invitation for him to take her where she wanted, where she needed, to go.

Over the edge. With him.

She turned her face toward him, her eyes questioning. She didn't protest when he pulled her to her feet and urged her to follow him into a dark corner. Before she could take a breath, his arms were around her, his firm lips on hers and, finding no resistance, she felt his tongue probing her mouth, searching and exploring her inner recesses as if she were already naked.

She grabbed his shoulders and he drew her closer to him, crushing her breasts up against his bare chest. Feeling the warmth of his body against hers, she couldn't stop rubbing against him and delighting in the sensation of her hardened peaks skimming over his chest, her breasts aching for his touch.

Elaine panicked. The idea excited her, but he wouldn't reach through her blouse to fondle her breasts, squeeze her nipples, not here.

Would he?


TITANIC RHAPSODY -- my romance novel about the ship of dreams will be available from Ellora's Cave in 2012.

More info in my next blog...


Wynter Daniels said...

The Hunter series sounds like a great concept - very hot! I love the excerpt. And congratulations on Titanic Rhapsody!

Callie Croix said...

So. Freaking. Hot.

Sexy? Hellz yeah!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thanks, Wynter--my idea is to provide a sexy "treat" with a feel-good emotional core.

Jina Bacarr said...

And thank you, Wynter, for the congrats on Titanic Rhapsody--it's been a long journey getting here! I'm super excited to be with Ellora's Cave...more coming up in my next post.

Jina Bacarr said...

Callie--love your excitement!! Thank you!

Michelle Polaris said...

Sexy and emotional, the perfect combination. Congratulations on both counts!

Jina Bacarr said...

Michelle, you hit it exactly!! The heroine has great sex--and often liberating as happens in "Nice Girls Do It" story #2 (not published yet)--and also comes away with a new understanding of herself.

Thank you!

Jax Cassidy said...

Congrats on Ellora's Cave! I think HUNTER series sounds seeeexy :P

Jina Bacarr said...

Thanks, Jax, for the EC congrats! I'm super excited to be publishing my Titanic novel with them. It's going to be a big year in 2012 for the Ship of Dreams!

Glad you like my Hunter...I'm working on the second story tonight.