Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new girl

Wow...this is my official blog post as a new member on the Naughty Author Chicks team. I'm totally stoked about being here and I have to admit, I agonized over what I wanted to write about for my very first time. *grins*

I figured as the new girl in the bunch I should write something about myself...

Humm, where do I begin? I'm a Virgo. I have an obsession with lattes, books, clothes, shoes, make-up, haute cuisine....wait a moment....that's SO lame. I suppose most of us are into those same things so let me try again.

Okay, how about this? I've probably dabbled in at least a 100 jobs before I fell into writing romance seven years ago. Seriously. I've tried everything from college news anchor, fashion assistant, actress, screenwriter, personal assistant to the uber rich and spoiled, to high school substitute teacherI pretty much have dipped my toes in it at least once. I guess I was one of those dreamers who really didn't quite know what I was good at, so the best thing to do was try them all out. 

I've been pretty darn lucky because I got to experience the life I wanted even though I was brought up in a very strict, conservative, Asian household (I'll tell you where the Irish part comes from in the near future). Honestly, I'd do it over again in a heartbeat because the rollercoaster journey was definitely worth it all! Now that I've turned the big 4-0 earlier this month, things have slowed down a bit for me. I've traded the late nights out drinking with my buddies and peers for the occasional glass of wine, while I curl up to a good bookor the hot keyboardsbut I have definitely collected an arsenal of memories that have been great inspirations for my stories. 

Every once in a while when I miss living in Paris or L.A., especially my dear friends and the burst of vibrant energy that comes from living in big cities, I'll whip up one of my favorite cocktails that I've invented and paaaar-tay! Why not? It's fun throwing my very own party for one and I don't even have to drive home... but it's more fun to have some company. So, as a way to include YOU in my celebration, I'm providing this very delish recipe below. 

* * * *


4 parts raspberry lemonade
1 ½ part Coconut Rum (or replace with regular rum or vodka)
splash of lime juice
1 part Grenadine
Mint leaves for decoration

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add ingredients. Shake well. Pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lime. For a tangier mix, add a splash of lemon-lime soda, or soda water if you don’t have a sweet tooth. If you don’t have raspberry lemonade, any berry lemonade will do!


Wynter Daniels said...

Welcome, Jax, and thanks for the drink recipe. Sounds yummy and sinful - perfect for a naughty chick! If it's any consolation, you don't look anywhere close to "the big 4-0"

Callie Croix said...

Welcome, Jax! You've led quite the exciting life so far, and I'm super jealous that you got to live in Paris. I love that city.

Looking forward to more of your awesomeness!

June M. said...

I am sure that all you various job experiences, and the different citis that you lived in will help with your books.

Jina Bacarr said...


Welcome to the party! So glad to have you here at NAC. This is a wonderful group of readers and authors who are very supportive of each other.

Looking forward to your posts and more fun recipes.

PS--I love Paris, too!

Casey Crow said...

So glad to have you here from one newbie to another! Love the new banner. The Gulf Coast RWA Chapter is meeting at my house this Sat. Thinking we need to toast something...anything...

Jax Cassidy said...

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I've just arrived in Atlanta for the Moonlight & Magnolia conference so I'm delighted to see that there are comments waiting for me! :) I can't wait to participate and contribute to this awesome blog!!!!

Michelle Polaris said...

Sorry for the late welcome, but WELCOME to NAC! I can already tell you'll be right at home here.

Naima Simone said...

Hi, Jax!
I'm late! Surprise! Surprise! LOL! Welcome to NAC! It's funny but after reading your post I had a POWERFUL thirst...hmm...imagine that...Hee-hee! I almost went to M&M this year! We were like *this* close to meeting! Don't make me jealous and tell me how good it was, please...I'll have to go have another Cassi-tini, I swear...

Paige Tyler said...

Hey Jax! Welcome to NAC!