Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alaska at Last!

I will try to give you a good visual, but really, I can't do it justice. Plus, I'm one of the worst photographers EVER! Seriously. But this is the the land portion in the 2nd week, so I had figured out that one needs to open the lens cap. I did get a few lucky shots.

This is Mt. McKinley, which apparently goes by a few names. Doesn't look like much? Yeah, look up. It's actually the white peak above the brown in the literally 30 seconds it was visible. This was the 1st time it was visible to a tour in 2 months, making this a rare sightseeing photo.

Here is a shot of Denali park. We hit it at the end of the season, so missed the true vivid colors. Still pretty freakin' amazing.

There was wildlife, too.

Holly cow, those aren't branches! This was a Caribou, standing not ten feet down a hillside, happily munching away. I swear he fell asleep posing for us. That giant rack has probably fallen off by now, only to grow back again next year.

Apparently there was a moose there a bit further down the hill, but I never saw him. Bummer, but I'm not sure I'd want to be that close to a moose anyway. Nasty buggers, and these Alaskan Moose are waaayyy bigger than our Maine ones.

I love this bear. We were on a river cruise when he accommodated us by stepping out for a drink. Then he turned around and proved that yes, a bear does **it in the woods. I've got video to prove it. Guide said he's about 4 and 250 lbs or so. Smart little guy, he drank first.

There were eagles everywhere in Juneau, but not as many everywhere else, and I was still wrestling with the whole lens cap thing in Juneau. I did get this shot on our river cruise, but the second I moved the camera to take video of him, he spread his wings and flew off. I missed it.

I think the most stunning scenery still belongs to the glaciers, right off the ship's balcony. I posted a couple of those while in Alaska, but it doesn't do justice to the feeling of serenity and beauty as being there in person.

All in all, I recommend this trip to anyone who has an opportunity to go. The only thing different I would do is to start with the land part, then do the main cruise. It got to be a bit much going from place to place, packing and always being ready. It would have been nicer to end on the more relaxing part.


Penelope said...

Going to Alaska is #1 on my bucket list. I can't wait! It looks like you had a great trip....good for you! (I'll bet there were a lot of beardy dudes up there...hee hee!)

Dalton Diaz said...

I sent u pics of some. Oh yeah, and young 'uns, too!

Michelle Polaris said...

This is definitely a trip I want to take. I am jealous and thank you for those pictures. I love the Caribou and his antlers.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Those shots are fantastic! I think you could win a contest with the one of Mt. McKinley!!!

You think you're a lousy photographer like I think i'm a lousy cook. It takes an outsider to insist we're being too hard on ourselves.

Dalton Diaz said...

Michelle, he probably lost them soon after. Great find for someone's wall!

Ash, these were a few pics out of hundreds. Why do you think it took me so long to fish good ones out? LOL! And you're cooking doesn't suck. Anyone who can cook lamb right is not a bad cook.

Sherry said...

Don't you worry, Ash, I'm giving her a really good smack down for picking on her picture taking skills.. Of course, finding out it took her 3 days to figure out the camera works MUCH better when you take the lens cap off, did make me rethink the whole "photographer" thing..

BUT.. I will say, she takes beatuiful pictures when she does take off the lens cap..


The Sherry