Monday, August 22, 2011

Indulgence - A Vacation Story

I'm on vacation. It seems to an epidemic here among the chicks, but it is August after all. As I lolled around our vacation land today, my extended family meeting to share a group of condos up north at a ski resort turned summer resort, I imagined the perfect vacation day for me.

It would start not too early, not too late. And breakfast, a light affair with fresh food, perhaps some smoked salmon and cheese, a hot, rich beverage, and some fruit, would be topped off by a small square of dark chocolate. I am currently reading a book featuring an "orgasm diet," which includes food to optimise the strength and type of one's orgasms (for women). High quality dark chocolate is featured prominently in the diet. The entire venture is much more exciting than the plethora of weight loss programs out there, so I'd definitely include the chocolate in my perfect vacation day.

Next on my perfect day would be a long leisurely walk with someone I love. This could be a romantic love like hubby or a dear girlfriend. Someone with whom I could both talk the entire way, or simply walk next to quietly, no need to speak a word.

I'd follow the walk with an hour long massage. Maybe hour and a half. Then lunch, again with someone or ones I love. Would I be doing the cooking? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter as long as the company while I prepared food was good.

Another walk or hike (not high intensity) would follow. And then some time sitting by a pool, or lake or ocean (doesn't matter) quietly reading a very good book. Is it too indulgent to then work in an acupuncture or reiki session? Nah. It's my perfect vacation dream.

The day would end with dinner out at a wonderful restaurant with more family or friends I loved--a whole crowd of us talking and laughing. And then dancing. There must be dancing. I love to dance.

Finally home and perhaps a chance to test out that new diet I've started. Did that chocolate pay off?

In real life it's the end of the first full day of my actual vacation. So far I've spent a few precious moments talking to people I love and do not see very often. And while I haven't had a square of chocolate, I have had a chocolate frappe. Don't know if that counts. I am happy to report, however, that I have already received an hour-long full body massage. It was amazing and I may even sneak a second before we leave our vacation land.

There has been a few tense moments wrangling kids into good behavior, or at least away from horrid behavior. The massage was somewhere in between those moments and it helped. But what I like about massage and a variety of body work modalities is that is gets things flowing. Movement is good for many things. I'm hoping it is good for my writing. And while I have no writing expectations for this vacation, I am sure the time away will help.

So what is your perfect vacation day like? Does it involve reading or writing words? Does it involve chocolate (wink, wink)? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you joy and happens for you very soon. I am quite sure I'll have more pieces of my dream day this week. The trick is to capture every moment and savor it like the yummy chocolate.


Wynter Daniels said...

I like the way you think! All of that sounds good except the dancing - I have 2 left feet! Shopping would be a nice addition. In a perfect world, someone else would pick up the tab for my indulgences!

Michelle Polaris said...

Well of course the tabs on others. I'll just dance extra for you Wynter.

Naima Simone said...

Hi, Michelle!
Great post! You make me YEARN for October--that's when I'm taking a mini-vacation. My perfect vacation sounds eerily similar to yours. Especially the walk with someone you can talk the entire way with or say nothing at all. Wow. I love that. I would definitely throw reading in there, all the court tv-guilty pleasure shows you can imagine and just laying under my hubby. *sigh* Come on, October!!

Oh. And hey...umm...can a sista get a bit more info on the orgasm diet ingredients?? LOL!!! Have fun!