Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Not Really Here

Seriously, I'm not. Through the miracle of technology (and advance scheduling), I can be here on the Naughty Author Chicks blog and at my family reunion at the same time. But I wanted to tell you about a few goings on.

First, I just had a new release -- the first book in my Long and Hard series from Ellora's Cave, Sizzle at Sea. Is that a gorgeous cover or what? Here's a little about the book:

All heiress Kara Mikos wants is a vacation cruise and a hot shipboard fling. When her father phones to say there is a plot to kidnap her, she brushes it off as another of his many attempts to control her life.

Private security expert Harper Long doesn’t mean to fall for his client’s sexy daughter but what better way to keep her close enough to protect? Granting his libido free rein comes with a price, though—a treasure he’s not willing to lose.

If you'd like to read an excerpt, you'll find one HERE.

In other news, we have a new Naughty Chick joining our ranks. Her name is Callie Croix and she is a super sweet lady with a very naughty streak! That's right, she does some seriously smexy writing! Her first book will be out soon from Carina Press. But I'll let her introduce herself better next week. August 24 will be her official first day as a Naughty Author Chick.

So now you're all caught up. And I'd better get back to the reunion before anyone notices that I'm not there!


Terry Odell said...

Congrats on the release, and enjoy your reunion. Cyberspace is great for those clone moments.

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Michelle Polaris said...

My congrats also on the release. You are doing a wonderful job being two places at two times. Superwoman. Gotta love tech.

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks, Terry and Michelle. Having a great time reconnecting with the fam.