Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weddings, Weddings, Everywhere!

I have been to two very different weddings in the course of one week, but one thing about them was the same. The love between the the bride and groom was palpable to all.

The first wedding was in D.C., a fashionable affair in a wealthy area, where every detail was seen to right down to giant squares down the aisle that bore the bride and groom’s initials. Dress was formal, food was formal, though there was a fun dessert bar consisting of different candies (also bearing the bride and groom’s initials) that you could bag yourself. It could have been all about those details and the wedding itself instead of the bride and groom, but the couple themselves made it personal. The way the looked at each other, took care of each other, spoke to and of each other literally gave me goosebumps. The groom was a cousin, btw, whom I had probably met twice in my lifetime, though I am close to his mother. The bride I had never met, and the bride’s mother is apparently an event/house designer, which explains a lot about the wedding itself.

The second wedding was in Connecticut, in the garden of an historic sea captain’s house. It was as small and intimate as they come (no bridesmaids or ushers), yet this is the wedding that made me cry. The bride is a close friend, but I know I would have had goosebumps had I innocently stumbled upon this wedding. Everything about the event was about the couple getting married, and their desire to share their joy with family and friends. No, the bride does not write erotica. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Personally, I got lucky. DH and I had a good-sized wedding, attendants and all. Then, one year later, we were married again (don’t ask!), it was just the two of us, an officiant, an organist (who sang Ava Maria beautifully), and fewer than 10 guests total. The organist/singer came up to us later and said that it was one of the most beautiful weddings she’d ever worked because it was 100% about the love.

So, 19 years later, which wedding would I choose if I had to do it all over again? The smaller one. The thing is, I’m not sure I would say that if I hadn’t experienced the big one as well. Yep, I just evened the field and gave you no answer at all.

So, which wedding is more your speed?


Michelle Polaris said...

The smaller one. Of course it's the connecction and love between the couple that matters most, as you saw in both ceremonies recently, but when it's a small affair you cannot get distracted by the pomp and circumstance. The love becomes the whole affair. I'm so glad you got to go to these two happy affairs so close together. We all need to be reminded of joy.

Wynter Daniels said...

I'd go with the small one, too. I had a very small wedding and it was absolutely perfect.

Dalton Diaz said...

It's funny, I hate attending weddings without my husband. He was not at the fancy wedding, and it wasn't the same not having him there during the warm and fuzzy moments. He was at last week's wedding, and I took special care to clean my wedding ring, then left it in the cleanser on the bathroom sink! I was wearing a toe ring and tried to pass that off, but it snapped in two on the way. Luckily, we had given Samantha Cayto a ride and she handed me her anniversary ring. It was a perfect fit.
Best later moment?
The groom forgot the rings in the glovebox of his car and had to run to get them. The crowd spent those few moments saying things like, "Do we hear tires squealing?" All joking aside, that's probably the moment they'll cherish most twenty, thirty, forty years from now.

Jina Bacarr said...

Since I write historicals, I love the idea of a wedding at the historic sea captain's house. Conn. is so lovely with all that beautiful foliage--I stayed at a B&B there and it was like going back to another time...

Your smaller wedding sounds wonderful...did you have a second honeymoon, too?

Ashlyn Chase said...

As you know, I've been married 3 times, so wedding comparisons is something I can do.

First one was awful. It rained. His grandmother pouted the whole time because it wasn't in a Catholic church. And...well, the love was not the kind you saw during that wonderful week. I married my obsessed stalker. It was just easier, ya know? (Gaaaa!)

Second was okay. Better day, better groom, in a Catholic church (didn't want to go through THAT again) but not quite "there" yet.

The third was perfect. Small, intimate gathering in a penthouse overlooking the First Night fireworks at midnight. Perfect groom. All about the love and very personal. This is the one that lasted and shows no signs of anything but an HEA.

Desiree Holt said...

Okay, can you top this? I've been married 4 times - 3 of them to the same man, my second husband. We were married first at home, then in the small chapel at church then in the judge;s office on Valentines Day (long story). First time with #1 was HUGE wedding. It was great but...the smaller weddings were so much more meaningful. It was about US, not about the event and I remember every minute of them.