Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthdays and Brainstorming

My mind's jumping ahead a week from today to the Fourth of July celebration. Isn't the United States lucky having her birthday during the summer? Folks are on vacation and they can have outdoor barbecues and pool parties to celebrate the red, white and blue. As my birthday comes up soon after, I'm lucky enough to mooch off long weekend celebrations and the colorful booming explosions. Fireworks are excellent reminders of the vibrancy of life.

But everything is fodder for stories when one is a writer, so thinking about July 4th was no exception. Remember I am a fantasy/sci-fi writer by nature so my mind strayed to the fantastical. What about creating a sentient country as a protagonist? We do sentient planets, sentient electronics (robots, androids and such) and sentient animals. Why not a particular country? And it could be the eve of that country's birthday but it is unhappy with its citizens and the way it is being managed. Hell, maybe it's plotting to start it's own revolution inside its borders. The aspect on which I'm fuzziest is how to work in the love story. Can a country and a human being fall in love? Maybe the country can temporarily transfer its consciousness into a human body. Or do I have the country fall in love with another country? How would the sex work? Are we talking tectonic plates sliding together? Talk about fireworks (or should I say volcanic eruptions) at the point of orgasm. I see a whole new subgenre of erotic romance forming.

Another moment of genius in the making, ladies and gentlemen. You can say you were there when it happened (grin). Don't you just love this brainstorming stuff?

Happy birthday in advance USA. Enjoy your fireworks.


Wynter Daniels said...

Maybe Mount Rushmore could come to life... maybe not.

Michelle Polaris said...

Ha! Love it Wynter. I'll keep that in my files.

Jina Bacarr said...

Fun and intriguing post. It's good to ask yourself all these questions, Michelle, regarding motivations.

You could add: what do the H/H want? And what's stopping them from getting it?

Michelle Polaris said...

Maybe the other countries don't want this one to have a revolution. Maybe the human hero is a descendant of the founding father and so is invested in keeping the country the way it is. Except he falls in love with the country personified so the H/H are conflicted about their differing goals versus their love. The possibilities are endless.