Monday, April 18, 2011

Of Zoos, Vacations and Random Brainstorming

I'm on vacation and not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. Hence, the randomness of this post. However, I was called by my writing muse to consider a new character today. I don't usually write shapeshifters, but today we visited a zoo and I fell in love with the spirit of the sea otter. I love sea otters. They are playful and social and graceful as all get out. It so happens that I've been reading an urban fantasy novel highlighting the Native American Coyote trickster. And watching the otters today I was struck that the same trickster traits might do well in an otter character.

Brainstorming comes from all nooks and crannies of life. I still don't believe I will write a shapeshifter story, but I can see myself creating a hero with a strong totem association like the otter. And making him a cunning, devil may care trickster. A super intelligent, manipulative, wise ass, fun loving, sharp toothed, good hearted man. Who is misunderstood by a heroine (or another hero) as he gets himself into trouble.

How I can fit this character into a BDSM story I'm not completely sure. He will have to be a submissive, don't you think? Perhaps I'll make him an ultra spiritual man, embracing his submission as part of his connection to the great spirit of the world. I've always considered BDSM as holding a tremendous potential for spiritual connection, but none of my previous characters have spent much time speaking about this explicitly in their stories. But this otter/trickster/submissive hero may have to walk this path. Time for research.

And I did all this brainstorming while walking among the noisy, inquisitive families at the zoo today. The idea blossomed between the pony rides, the big cat house, the primates, and the gift shop. Now I need a story for my otter man. And one or two partners. Maybe I'll visit the science museum next for my plot.


Wynter Daniels said...

This made me laugh! Enjoy your vacation. I'm sure you'll go home with loads of new fodder for the muse.

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Wynter. I'll try to collect a few more bits of inspiration before heading home. Today I had a massage. Now that's tons of inspiration for writing erotic romance.

Mai said...

Oh I love that idea Michelle! Have fun on your vacay!

Paige Tyler said...

Love zoos and that such a cute pic! We were at the aquarium watching the sea otters get pretty naughty. One was giving the other a handjob! Not kidding! LOL! Isn't it great how ideas for books just pop into your head, though? Have fun on vacation!


Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Mai, I loved the vacation.

And Paige, that's hilarious abut the hand job. Even more justification to use the otter idea for a character.

Dalton Diaz said...

hmm, were the hand job otters f/m, m/m, or f/f?
ROFLMAO at the visual! Geez, who needs clubs when you can just go to the zoo?

Paige Tyler said...

Michelle - I totally agree! Think of the possibilites!

Dalton - LOL! I know, right?! Don't know what sex they were, just know that they liked having it! We saw m/f lions doing it at the San Diego Wildlife Park, too! Oh, and female orangutans going at it at the San Diego zoo!