Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night was the second annual throw Michelle a surprise party in our household. I probably blogged about surprise parties roughly a year ago when my dearest husband threw me one to celebrate my publishing successes. This year the little devil tried to do it again. What a better way to throw someone off the scent than to throw another party the very next year. Who would expect it? It wasn't anywhere near my birthday and although I've continued on with my publishing, there was no new hallmark I'd reached.

The best that I could figure was that the party celebrated our new living room furniture and accompanying paint job. Still, none of the guests knew exactly what the party was to celebrate. A few did wish me happy birthday and one brought a birthday gift. I was embarrassed to tell them it wasn't my birthday at all.

But I've decided this is a lovely tradition. Don't we all need traditions? My husband could plan to throw a surprise party every year and I could try to figure out when it was happening. I've already told him to switch up the menu. We've had the yummiest barbecue two years running, but maybe he could serve Chinese next time I suggested.

Why not throw a party just because? It's a much better reason than the typical ones. We got to enjoy our friends and celebrate being together. Sure, I showed off my new furniture. But it was the people sitting on the furniture that were important.

So I'm happy to report I had a lot of fun last evening. Our friends are sweet, lovely folks who thankfully do not trash our house. I'd include you all on the guest list for next year's party, but I don't know when it's happening and I'm not in charge of invitations.

Instead I wish you all many similar joyous occasions. It's true I like to write dark angsty stories, but without paying attention to the light in our lives, where would we be?


Wynter Daniels said...

What a sweet hubby you have. He sounds like he loves a party, too. Mine would rather have his fingernails pulled out with pliers than have a party;-)

Michelle said...

The only time he loves one is if it's our own and full of all of our friends. Some shindigs he'd choose not to touch with a ten foot pole. But he was very sweet.

Dalton Diaz said...

I'm not telling. And I'm game for Chinese.