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And the Suspense Builds…

Please welcome our guest blogger, the talented Tina Donahue. Check out her post and her contest below.

One of the things I like about paranormal romances is not knowing what will happen, whether the characters’ otherworldly powers will be a bane or a boon to them.

As I wrote The Yearning, my first erotic paranormal romance, I wanted the tension to build between Jasmine and Mike, not only in a romantic sense but in how it would affect their lives…if they lived. Into her world Jasmine draws Mike, unable to resist the temptation of having him imprisoned in her house. It’s not a choice she would have made before being cursed, but now she has little recourse and what happens is a surprise to them both.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt to show you what I mean:


To break this curse, they’ll have to turn the heat up. Way up.

Jasmine Dante prowls Key West’s nightlife, fighting a losing battle against a jealous rival’s curse that forces her to seek carnal pleasure, no matter the danger. Weakened from lack of sleep, driven by insatiable lust, she spots a man who stirs her desperate craving, and begins yet another dance of seduction.

Except the dark stranger who returns her direct stare is no ordinary lover. Inside his powerful body lies a raw sexuality that just might be enough to break her curse. There’s only one way to find out: imprison him in her bed and feed on his passion.

Former U.S. Marshal Mike Stearn is many things, but he’s no woman’s sex slave. The deadly telekinetic power he ruthlessly suppresses comes alive again at Jasmine’s touch. Beneath her bold, potent sensuality he senses vulnerability and desperation. He may be in handcuffs, but she’s the one who’s enslaved.

As Mike resurrects his power to free himself so he can find the curse’s source and defeat it, Jasmine revels in his masterful rule. Her ravenous yearning evolves into rapture as she surrenders to his hunger, her darkest needs—and the emotional connection that lies beyond. Unless the curse takes her life first…

Warning: Tons of steamy sex, smoldering passion and a to-die-for love story with a hot Alpha hero who finds himself imprisoned by one sultry and desperate babe.


She watched him from the bath. The faint rise and fall of his shoulders told her he slept. Jasmine whimpered at how beautiful he was—firm muscles on a large frame—intimidating in size, unusually kind in nature. The type of man she’d always longed for. One who wouldn’t have glanced at her before the curse. She’d been too ordinary, dull, reserved. Men who asked her out did so because they couldn’t attract the attention of a woman as exquisite as Desiree. Or, if they were handsome like Connor Rolands, they wanted an adoring fan so they could talk about themselves.

Mike seemed oblivious to his obvious appeal. If anything, he appeared embarrassed by her compliments. She’d never known a more down-to-earth and empathetic man. How she enjoyed his consoling embrace and teasing him even as he teased her in return. How she liked just being with him. He seemed to like her too—what little he knew about the person she really was—though his feelings would quickly turn to hate if she went through with the plan.

She rolled her forehead over the door’s edge. If only she could relax long enough to sleep, to think. The curse wouldn’t allow it. At first, she’d been edgy after six hours of rest. Now, she was lucky to manage four hours a night. How long could this go on?

You will want as I want.

Teeth clenched, her fingers gripped the wood. The tenuous peace Mike’s lovemaking had provided was already gone. Fearful of her building obsession, she slipped on her silk robe and left the bath.

Halfway across the room, she looked back. Mike’s hair fanned over the pillow, sable against all the white. The moon tinted his skin a lighter brown. Wanting to protect him, even though she’d done everything possible to bring him here, she went to the bed and pulled the top sheet over his slumbering body.

It didn’t disturb him at all.

Her hand stilled above his head. Smoothing his hair was an indulgence she didn’t deserve and couldn’t chance, not with the others not knowing what had been going on.

Jasmine left the room and turned to Ben, not surprised to find him waiting in the hall. The overhead light brightened his dark blond hair, cut short and worn spiky like a rocker. It reminded her of Lily’s hairstyle. They were both twenty-six, their friendship and artistic talents bringing Ben here. Lily painted the fabrics Violet used for her designs. Ben illustrated their catalogues. Like Mike, Jasmine was the only one in the group without a creative bent. She served as business manager, running the show.

Ben took charge now. His fingers curled around her wrist, giving her no chance to escape as he led her down the hall to his room. His art nouveau sketches papered the walls. The acrid bite of inks, paints and turpentine lingered from today’s work. He leaned one shoulder on the closed door, hurt and anxiety evident in his pale blue eyes, his voice low so only she could hear.

“You all right?”

She knew he’d heard them in the hall and probably watched from the stairway as she’d knelt in front of Mike, taking him in her mouth. Being observed during an intimacy bothered the woman she’d been, bringing warmth to her chest and throat, even as it hardly fazed the woman she’d become. She spoke in an equally subdued voice. “I’m fine.”

“How can you be? Jas, that bastard has a gun and is obviously—”

“No.” Her fingers went to his lips to stop his quiet outburst. “Don’t call him that. He’s a good man. Better than I deserve.”

Ben’s blond brows rose to his hairline. He moved her hand away. “You’ve got to be kidding. You picked him up at a club.”

Laughter gurgled at the base of her throat, along with a sigh. “He wasn’t born there, Ben. He used to be a US Marshal.”

“So I heard while you two were downstairs. You actually believe that?”

“Why would he lie?”

The muscles in his neck corded with exasperation. “Did you tell him the truth about why you wanted him here tonight?”

In time, Mike learns the truth and it leaves him with one choice that will alter Jasmine’s life forever.

The Yearning will be available February 1.

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Tina Donahue said...
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Tina Donahue said...

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Thanks, Wynter, for having me here today!!

Ladies - are you ready to comment for your chance to win an erotic romance??

Hope so!!

Wynter Daniels said...

Wow - sounds sooo hot. Congrats on the release!

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, hon, I'm very excited - it's my first ever erotic paranormal romance! :)

Katalina Leon said...

Tina, I think The Yearning will be the first of many beloved paranormal romances you write.
24 hours and counting... how exciting!
I wish you the best.

Carol L. said...

Tina, I love the excerpts I'm reading as I follow you. :) I definitely have to read about Jasmine and Mike. And congrats on the release of your first Paranormal. I wish you many sales and us, your readers many more Paranormal stories from you. :)
Carol L

Tina Donahue said...

Kat - what a wonderful comment - thanks so much. :)

Carol - I'm so glad you like the excerpt. Thanks for stopping by. :)

jessica said...

I love the cover and the book sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it so that I can find some of the answers that your excerpt has me asking.

jessangil at gmail dot com


Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Jessica - thanks for stopping by. Yeah, there's a lot of mystery swirling around in The Yearning. Makes it a fun read. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I love heroes that are big physically, but also have big hearts. There really are men like that in the real world, but they guard themselves very well, because it's not considered "manly" in our macho culture...more's the pity! This kind of man makes a wonderful husband!

Tore said...

Congratulations. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read any of your books. They sound really good.

Tina Donahue said...

Hi, Fiona and Tore - glad you liked the excerpt. Good luck in the contest! :)

Cathy M said...

Congrats on your new release, Tina. I still have a couple of your stories on my wish list, so thanks for the chance to win one of them.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Cathy - thanks for dropping by. :)

linda2060 said...

Congrats to the release. I love the book and the characters so far! Hope I win the contest.

Tina Donahue said...

Hi, Linda - thanks for coming by and your kind comments. Good luck in the drawing. :)

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Hey, hotcha12 - so that gal on the cover looks like you, huh? Do you know the guy holding her? If you do, give me his phone #!! :)

lisagk said...

I read the excerpt on another site, loved it. have it on my to buy list. wish list.. gotta have it list. sounds great.


Teresa K. said...


The more of the different excerpts I read I know you have a big hit for you. This is going to be a great read.


Tina Donahue said...

Lisa, Teresa - thanks so much for stopping by - glad you liked the excerpt. :)

Tina Donahue said...

Okay ladies, I just chose a winner - at random - and she is (drum roll please):


Lisa, I'll be contacting you shortly for your prize.

Everyone: thanks for swinging by and supporting my work. I have many many more contests. Please check my website for details. :)