Monday, November 1, 2010

Contest and Picture Mania

Let's start today's blog with random promo material and move on to my personal autumn challenge for readers and writers. The leaves are falling, the holidays have begun with yesterday's spooktacular, (I've even overheard talk about hanging Xmas lights already -- Oy!) so it's time to use that seasonal energy for all it's worth.

First off, I'm part of the month long Autumn Harvest Web Hunt contest at Night Owl Reviews starting today. Be part of a scavanger hunt to find unique hidden graphics on participating web sites. It runs through the end of November. Hunt and win some prizes. Hey, you need to be collecting gifts, right?

Now that we've finished the promotional part of the post, I wanted to throw up a cool autumn challenge. I've posted three random images I've collected. Let's see who can propose the most creative story idea taken from a combination of all of the pictures. I find the third to be the most inspirational.

Here's my attempt:

It's Halloween evening, and Kurt Stuart wakes on a Hollywood beach with no memory. Except that he's been hit by lightning. Surrounding him is a group of unclothed men who inform him he is a member of a strange male nudist cult, and that he is in charge of an ancient lifesized statue of a horse that must be returned to the gods of Hollywood. Kurt must race to return the statue before the stroke of midnight.

Be creative! I dare you.


Wynter Daniels said...

My take is on the last picture, too. I'm shipwrecked on a remote island and I stumble upon the natives - all male, nude and well-endowed;-) They make me their queen!

Michelle Polaris said...

Great Wynter! Can you give me something that combines all three? That's the challenge. But that last one is worth ruminating over (grin).

Linda Henderson said...

I started out the day just like any other, then I heard a knock at the door. Upon answering I discovered a deliveryman bringing me a birthday gift from my eccentric aunt, a full size horse lamp. I figure, what's next. My sister called about then and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her, of course I said yes. Imagine my surprise on arriving to find a group of naked, very well built men my sister had arranged to meet up with us as a birthday surprise. What a surprise!! After a fun frolic at the beach I ended my day by sitting on the terrace sipping wine and watching a fantastic electrical storm and a colorful rainbow. Hmm, I wonder what I will get next year?

seriousreader at live dot com

Michelle Polaris said...

I love it Linda! I think I'll propose this kind of birthday gift to my sister.

Dalton Diaz said...

First of all, I cannot be the only one who enlarged that last pic to see if anything else is showing. (A = Focus on the ass closest to the camera!)

My story?

After 15 years, one would think Joe would know to be careful what he wished for from that damn annual Genie. Then again, his wish to be given 3 wishes a year was what started the whole thing in the first place.

So note to self, next year be more specific than:

1)I need a lamp but don't even think of giving me that ugly leg thing from A Christmas Story.

2) I'd love to see Tinseltown all lit up for the holidays

3) I'm an ass man. Show me some variations to choose from.