Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleopatra’s Perfume: Twittering like it’s 1939

Last week I put up my story video about Lady Eve Marlowe's adventures in 1928 Berlin, years before my novel, Cleopatra's Perfume takes place (it opens in Berlin in 1941 with my heroine, a handsome downed RAF pilot and a very unhappy SS officer demanding that my hero make love to Lady Eve while he watches...).

I twittered about the post and my story videos, which got me to thinking about what it would have been like if Lady Eve twittered about life in that time when--

 “As the world teeters on the brink of war in 1939, the privileged classes pursue the delights of the flesh in exclusive clubs. Lady Eve Marlowe possesses a treasure–an elixir of ancient origin with a power so great it sweeps her into a dangerous erotic game.” 
So here are a few tweets as Lady Eve would have written them back in 1939.

Think of it as a Twitter time machine…and you’re at the controls.

–I adore my British motorcar, but I hear you can buy a new 1939 Dodge sedan back in the States for $815.

No GPS system or air bags back then, but a spare tire and bumpers were included and something new: safety glass. Dodge was a sponsor of the Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour–the American Idol of its time. 

–My skin gets dry here in Cairo, so I started using Palmolive soap made with palm and olive oils to give my skin a boost.

No surprise here since it says so in the name, though ads at the time claimed olive oil was the secret ingredient.

–I always use Calox Powder to make my teeth shine.

–yes, powder, not toothpaste. I call this early teeth whiteners. FYI, the first toothpaste came in a jar in the 1870s, but the familiar toothpaste tube didn’t make the scene until 1892.

–Have you heard? There's a new method of sanitary protection. It's called Tampax.

This was a innovation that gave women the freedom, according to the ad, to wear sheer evening gowns without detection. A month’s supply, a box containing 10 Tampax, costs 35 cents.

I'm going to write my memoirs someday. I bought a portable Smith & Corona typewriter with a back spacer–Swinging Shift–84 characters for only $29.75.

The typewriter weighed only nine pounds. Best feature about this typewriter: no Spam email to distract you!

Happy twittering--hold on a minute.

The jitterbug was a big dance craze at that time, too. So--

Maybe they would have called it "twitterbugging."


Michelle Polaris said...

Ooooh,I love this idea of having your characters from back in time twitter. I may steal it from time to time. It's a great practice for getting inside a character's head if you have to think about the sound bites they'd create.

Wynter Daniels said...

Very creative! Ah, to buy a new car for $815...

Jina Bacarr said...

You're so right, Michelle! First, you find something interesting about that time--then you have to figure out how it relates to your character. It really does make you think.

Jina Bacarr said...

Thanks, Wynter--you can barely buy a set of good tires today for that amount!

Dalton Diaz said...

LOL! Great post, Jina!

Wonder what she would say about all of the eye candy available online?

Jina Bacarr said...

Dalton--re: eye candy online for Lady Eve circa late 1930s:

"I hear Clark Gable is signed to play Rhett Butler...lucky Scarlett!"


"Has there ever been a sexier hunk in tights than Errol Flynn as Robin Hood? Which way to Sherwood Forrest?"