Monday, October 4, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Like many of the Naughty Author Chicks, I'm leaving for Romanticon 2010 later in the week. Romanticon is the annual Ellora's Cave convention celebrating EC readers and writers alike. This year it also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Ellora's Cave. I have my costume ready for the roaring 20's theme night (going as a gangster moll) and my promo doodads all lined up for packing. Now if only I can get through the hundreds of other non-writing related to do items to ensure my children will still be alive when I return.

I sometimes wonder whether the stress of preparing for a trip is worth the fun of the excursion. Nah, this one will be worth it once I settle down in my airplane seat on Thursday, my mundane household responsibilities almost forgotten. But I thought I'd take care of some business, of various importance, on the blog before I go.

The first is the most important. Below is the graphic linked to a project begun by Dan Savage which I read about in his Savage Love column from September 23rd. He launched a channel on YouTube in response to a series of teen suicides among the gay population. He calls it the It Gets Better project and it consists of videos submitted by other gay folk to give teens hope that their lives will get better and that the future can have positives in store for them. Please check it out.

And now because, thankfully, life cannot and is not all about intense crucial emotional topics (or we'd all have nervous breakdowns), the next bit of business is shouting out the word about Night Owl Review's fantastic Full Moon Web Hunt in which I'm taking part all of October. Prizes. Prizes. Prizes. Did I mention there were prizes? So click on over at the link and check it out. These are the small fun things that break up the drama of real life. And we all have enough drama, don't you think?

Finally, I wanted to mention my fabulous Michelle Polaris promotion pins that I'll be giving out at Romanticon at the swag tables. I've posted the graphic given to me by the button company below. If you're not going to Romanticon, but want a button, I'll send one to the first dozen people who email me at with their snail mail address and the request. I can't promise a quick turn around, but I will get it out to you.

So that's all folks. I'll post selected pictures from Romanticon along with others of us when it's my turn next on the blog. Stay tuned for stories of any particularly exciting illicit adventures from the convention.

Be good, but not too good.



Cara McKenna said...

So glad you brought up the It Gets Better project, Michelle—I heard about it on the second-to-last SavageLove podcast and I hope it takes off.

And on the lighter side, see you and your boots on Thursday!

Michelle Polaris said...

I also hope the project takes off, Cara. Now I just have to figure out how to fit in the boots to the luggage to see you on Thursday. Looking forward to it.

Dalton Diaz said...

What happened with those Rutgers students makes me want to vomit. Why is it that self-proclaimed "moral" people forget that sitting in judgment is anti-Christian?

Getting off my soap box.

Can't wait to see everyone. Laundry awaits, but mostly packed.

Wynter Daniels said...

I hope everyone has a fantastic time at Romanticon!
And I'm with you all on the It Gets Better project. I've never understood why people care what other folks do in their personal lives.

Michelle Polaris said...

Fear is so powerful. It causes all the bitterness and insecurity and hate. Our job is to battle it with love instead. That's what we are, us romance writers, love warriors. Let's print up tee shirts. See everyone who's going in Ohio.