Monday, October 18, 2010

Announcing Ellora's Cave's Newest Author Collaboration Series

Although I promised a report on Romanticon 2010, Dalton Diaz did such a thorough picture retrospective last week in her post that I thought I'd move on to the next subject. So here's the short report. I HAD A BLAST! Above is a picture of me and the EC Cavemen at the Roaring 20's party. I've stuck a few more photos up on my blog if you'd like to check them out. This includes my fan girl pic of me with Joey W. Hill.

One of the joys of conferences is the chance to meet up with the other fabulous authors you chat with on-line throughout the year. Above are some of the ladies of the brand new Ellora's Cave author collaboration series, 1-800-DOM-help, at Romanticon. Left to right back row are: Francesca Hawley, Delphine Dryden, Cai Smith, Christine D'Abo, Michelle Polaris, and Samantha Cayto. In the front left to right: Desiree Holt and Lise Fuller (series premise creator). The premise is a mysteriously appearing business card with this hot line number for Dominants or submissives in need of help. Out of it will march a fantastic collection of quickies or novellas telling the stories that emerge from these hot line calls. I'm here today to pimp this new collaboration, of which I am a proud member, and encourage you all to stop on over to the group blog we've put together at

The first book of the series, Needing Harte by Marilu Mann, came out October 6th. Check it out, I promise you will not be disappointed.

The above graphic is the header for the brand new blog. I finally finished my novella for this collaboration and will hurry up to complete edits and submit the story. I'll keep you updated if it is accepted for publication.

It's lots of fun to launch a new project and I know this will be a start to a fantastic series. So keep on the lookout if you please.




Wynter Daniels said...

Sounds like a fun series. Congrats on being a part of it.

Jina Bacarr said...

Fingers crossed for you, Michelle, re: your dom story. Your stories are always imaginative with a lot of visual cues that make for fun reading!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Wynter and Jina. I'm excited about the project.