Saturday, September 4, 2010

I love my job!

It's almost Labor Day and I'm celebrating my wonderful job and the opportunity to follow my dream. Being a full-time writer was a dream of mine for a long time. I don't know how long exactly, because for a while it was a 'secret dream' and maybe even a secret from myself!

I loved creative writing in high school. I should have realized it then, but I didn't. Having been a creative soul all my life, I felt the need for a creative outlet especially when I found myself in a very uncreative career...nursing. It put food on the table and allowed me to pay my rent when I was a single mom, but there were days I thought I'd explode if I didn't "make" something. A painting, a craft project, anything!

When I married my terrific husband, I switched to the night shift so I could take a screen writing course at the local state college during the day. I wrote a few romantic comedy screenplays that never saw a screen other than my computer monitor! But I learned lots! One thing I learned about myself was how happy creating stories made me. My husband saw it too.

When the opportunity to write full time presented itself (an inheritence) I made a deal with my hubby. If I paid off the mortgage, he'd pay the regular bills and we'd call it even. And I'd give my dream a shot. I knew my folks would want me to.

At first he saw it as a pipe dream. He gave me one year to get published. A year? I told him that was impossible and let him know what he could do with his year! Well, I set about doing the impossible anyway and went after it like a mad-woman. While writing the book of my heart, I adapted one of my more commercially viable screenplays to novel format. Guess what? One year to the weekend of his ultimatum, I received an offer! Woo Hoo! Take that, hubby! It was from an e-pub, but he never specified. LOL

Now he's on-board completely. In fact, he's one of my biggest fans. I wish I could celebrate my recent successes with my family of origin, but in lieu of that, I have extended family--cousins and one uncle. So, I'm celebrating with them. Tomorrow they're all coming to my home for a reunion. I can't wait to truck out my paperbacks and say, "See what I made?"


Christine H said...

Oh wow Ash, Thats fantastic! I'd be so proud too! Have a great time at your reunion-party-celebration!!!

Hugs, Christine

Mai said...

Supportive husbands are wonderful, lol. Enjoy the celebration Ash, you've worked hard for it!!!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks for showing up to comment you two! Your support is just as appreciated!!!


Naima Simone said...

Wonderful post, Ash! As an author who has a day time job as well, I know what it's like to work at a job that is not your passion. My dream is to one day be a full-time writer, too, and just like you, I'm going for it! In the meantime, though, I'm so enjoying the thrill of being published. And you know it's that which keeps me upbeat and trucking along at the day job. Knowing I'm not only going after my dream, but actually have a little piece of it now, gives me tons of hope and inspiration!

Have fun at your reunion and enjoy the family!!

Wynter Daniels said...

Love the post. What a meaningful thing to do with an inheritance. It's great to do what you love and to paid for it - priceless! Have a great time with your family.

Ashlyn Chase said...


You have the right attitude! Keep on striving and it'll happen. My writing partner Dalton just achieved the full-time writer gig.
I think it's a common dream.


Jina Bacarr said...

What a terrific post for a Labor Day weekend--working at the job you love! Your passion for your writing comes through so beautifully, Ashlyn. Have a wonderful reunion this weekend!

Dalton Diaz said...

Great post! I know the family that can't be there tomorrow is watching over you, thrilled with what you've achieved with the inheritance.

I wish I had left my job to write full time, too. We weren't quite ready for that, but I'm going to make the best of the opportunity. You're a great inspiration!

Michelle Polaris said...

I'm so proud of you, Ash. Everyone should be as lucky to live their dream. It's so rare. And that you appreciate as it's happening is even more valuable. Thank you for sharing the inspiring story.

Savannah Stuart said...

Yay!! Good for you girl. Accomplishing and living your dream is a reason to celebrate :)