Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brenda Williamson's NAKED SIN

     Hey everyone, I'm the newest Naughty Author Chick, and this is my first post! I don't have enough words to express how honored I feel for being asked to join this blog as a regular contributor. But I'll try to live up to expectations and leave something worth reading.

     It just so happens I've had a new book released this week, Naked Sin, from Red Sage Publishing. This was a bit of something different for me to write. It was my first m/f/m storyline, though, I did write another afterward, Sahara Heat and it was published first with Red Sage in March 2010. For the average woman, having sex with two men  is a fantasy. In Naked Sin, multiple partners is common place, but the age old emotion of jealousy still remains true.


     When Britt Colquinn's husband is killed during an ordinary intergalactic cargo run while on the spacecraft, The Chelonian, she has more than one reason to take on the new job as a servitor on the vessel. Times what they are, money is lean, so besides a roof over her head, she needs to find out whether the ship's commander is at fault for making her a widow. Only her first meeting with handsome, Ashton "Ly" Lygart raises a different set of questions—how skilful is he in bed, and are his lips as kissable as they look?
     Ly hasn't seen such beauty for a long time, and when he, along with his second in command, Major Crane embark on a torrid sexual threesome with Britt, it’s with the intent of pleasure. He never thought he'd experience jealousy, and finds himself at odds with his feelings over whether or not he can trust that Britt's not working for his enemy against him. As a smuggler, he should practice caution. As a man, desire takes control.
     Will Ly risk his ownership of The Chelonian for love, or will Britt destroy his life?


     Ly let Gavin open his cabin door and admit Britt. He wanted that full visual before he got close enough to touch her. Thinking he’d been wrong in remembering the fine lines of her body, he discovered he had the details pegged down to every perfect curve.
     Gavin pulled out a chair for her at the table, and Ly motioned for her to have a seat. “Miss Colquinn.”
     Britt sat. “Thank you for the invitation to dine with you and Major Crane.”
     “It seemed a nice prequel to our evening.” He poured a shot of whiskey into a crystal tumbler and placed the glass in front of her.
     “I haven’t seen decanters or fine glassware used in a long time,” she said.
     “Two-hundred-year-old Scotch deserves a proper setting.” Gavin slid a hand over Britt’s shoulder and caressed her collarbone. “I’ve been saving it for a special moment.”
     “I didn’t know anything older than ten years existed since the repeal of the liquor laws.” She put the glass rim to her lips.
     “Just because they reinstated prohibition for the third time and it lasted over a hundred years, doesn’t mean people got rid of their stash,” Gavin said. “I got this at an auction last month, and I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.
     Ly heard the seductive tone in Gavin’s voice—not a hint of pressure. Instead of feeling anxious, Gavin sounded more than ready to dive straight into having sex with Britt.
     “Shall we eat?” Ly picked up two plates from a warming rack. If he didn’t interrupt Gavin soon, the man would have his dessert undressed.
     “This looks good.” Britt lifted her fork.
     “You look good.” Gavin stroked Britt’s hair. “The food is okay.”
     “Sit, Major,” Ly finally ordered, finding Gavin’s ease around Britt unnerving.
      Gavin’s brow shot up in surprise. During duty, everything was very professional between them. Sexual trysts were more lax—no orders, commands or superiority.
     “Give her a chance to eat so she has the strength to endure your raging libido, Major,” Ly offered in a gentler tone.
     “You’re right. I’m a dog. Forgive me, Britt?” The Major sat and put his hand over hers on the table. Britt slid her fork along the plate, lifting a bit of food to her lips.
     “Please, don’t trouble yourself,” she said, and chewed her food and swallowed it. Then she looked up from her plate and smiled. The soft glow of her blue eyes had a faraway sadness that failed to match the sensual expression she tried to present.
     “Is this your first position on a cargo transport?” Ly asked, elevating the conversation above the Major’s overt sexual interest in her.
     “My first on any spacecraft, Commander.”
     “Oh?” He took a drink from his glass, letting the liquid heat of the whiskey keep him alert as it scorched its way from his throat to his stomach. “What made you choose to work in space?”
     “I needed a change.”
      Ly couldn’t think what else to say. Gavin more than made up for his silence with idle chatter while Ly studied Britt. There was something warm and wonderful in the tone of her voice and her expressions that changed during the meal. Gavin’s casual chatter always made women feel at ease.
     Ly couldn’t eat. No food was more seductive than Britt’s fragrance. Anxious and surprised by his feelings, he stood to get away from the table after Britt and Gavin finished eating. Taking his glass, he sat on the lounge, distancing himself from the couple.
      He watched Gavin lead Britt into the area, whispering in her ear, making his sexual wants clear, as was his custom. As Ly took in the sight of Gavin’s ease with Britt, something strangely unexpected crept up on him—envy. He wasn’t sure how to handle the unfamiliar emotion or how to rejoin the duo now that he’d set himself apart from them.
     To his surprise, Britt took the initiative, walked away from Gavin, and stopped in front of Ly. “May I?” she asked, indicating the place next to him with the nod of her head.
     “Please.” He tried scooting sideways to give her more room, but her hand landed on his thigh and stopped him.
     Her warm touch reminded him how much he wanted to make love to her. He covered her fingers, mating his with hers. Rubbing her palm up and down on his leg, he considered his next move. Something about her quietness made him wary of moving too fast, so he remained reserved in expressing his needs.
      “I asked the Major about a tour of the ship, and he said you were a better guide.” Her whiskey-scented breath swept under his nose. At the bar, Ly saw Gavin downing another shot of the scotch. Had Gavin noticed his reluctance to interact with Britt? Could he tell she was special?
      “Tomorrow,” Ly said, “when I have some free time, I’ll be happy to show you around.”
      Britt curled her leg up on the seat and twisted to face him, looking more relaxed. Her gaze dropped to his mouth, and he leaned toward her. He slid his hand behind her head and pulled her closer. Her lips met his off kilter, hitting the corner of his mouth instead of center. He sensed tension from her and let go of her hand in his lap. Not wanting to question her feelings and break the moment, he held her head and turned her for a better angle. But her soft whine pushed him away. He looked into her glistening eyes for regret.
     “Don’t stop.” She grasped his sides, changing his mind about an imagined hesitancy from her.
      Ly brushed his thumb over her cheek. The growing attachment he felt for Britt concerned him. She was somehow different from past servitors. He liked the feeling she cared about him as more than an employer. But what if it was an act and she was simply good at her job? How did he hold back from showing his vulnerability to her as well as to Gavin? It had been ages since he cared about a woman personally.
     When Britt timidly smiled, his chest tightened. Did she suffer from the same kind of doubts he did? But his sense that she was a kindred spirit lessened his worries. He brought her mouth back to his and sucked at her soft lips. Just as long as Britt felt how into her he was, he no longer cared if his emotions were laid bare for the whole world to witness.


So what is your fantasy? Do you imagine yourself with two lovers? Have a hankering to be a voyuer? Or maybe you have a fetish. Even if your fantasy isn't sexual, but as simple and decadent as envisioning yourself lying in a tub of chocolate syrup, tell me your Naked Sin. 



Wynter Daniels said...

Welcome, Brenda! We're glad to have you as one of the Chicks! Totally hot excerpt. A tub of chocolate syrup - hmm. I can abide;-)

Brenda Williamson said...

Thanks Wynter. I don't think chocolate would last long with me, I'd eat it all.

Cara McKenna said...

Ooh, sexy cover… Welcome to our weird little family, Brenda!

Rayne Forrest said...

Congrats on another great story, Brenda. I love your stories. It's only tea, but I lift my glass to you, and wish you many sales :)

Savannah Stuart said...

Welcome to NAC!! So glad you've joined us. That was a smoking excerpt :)

Jina Bacarr said...

Welcome to NAC, Brenda! What a yummy post--sexy and filled with delicious possibilities.

I believe you hit a strong emotional button re: m/f/m when you mentioned that jealousy still exists in a world when such couplings are commonplace. That core emotion makes for a fascinating story.

Brenda Williamson said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!

Celtic Chick said...

Hi Brenda,

Yeah, I like the tub of chocolate syrup. All for me.

Your new book sounds really good. Your excerpt teased me.

As far as my fantasy? Two men sounds good to me as long as they pay attention only to me.

Brenda Williamson said...

My thoughts exactly on the two men paying attention to just me. How awkward would it be to have two men and suddenly they had eyes for each other...what a third wheel I'd feel like.

Naima Simone said...

Welcome to NAC, Brenda! Whoo-hoo! And what a debut! Love the blurb and excerpt! HOT!

As far as my fantasy? Well, have you ever seen that picture of Vin Diesel in the shower with water cascading down all over his body? My fantasy is to be that drop of water that is running down his hip bone...

Brenda Williamson said...

Nice visual, I could totally get into caressing Vin Diesel, even as a drop of water.

Dalton Diaz said...

Welcome to NAC, Brenda, and congrats on the new release.

Hmm, how about 2 men in a hot tub of chocolate syrup...waiting for me to join them?

Brenda Williamson said...

I prefer two men, AFTER I enjoy all the chocolate. I don't like to share. As a compromise, they can lick me where I can't reach :-)