Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make Him Sweat

by Cara McKenna

I write contemporary erotica and romance. Sometimes I look around at all the paranormal and historical books out there and suffer a pang of jealousy—so many werewolves and dukes and pirates and vampires! But then I remind myself that the present-day real world is full of exotic men, too. In fact, some of the most classic, most sexy male archetypes are everyday, working-class guys.

I myself have written about a mechanic (Shane from Shivaree), a lumberjack (well, technically a logger—Patrick from Ruin Me, out next Wednesday), and a construction worker-slash-boxer (Flynn from Willing Victim, due out later this summer). I've also created not-yet-published heroes who are bouncers, bike couriers, martial artists, large animal vets, army medics, auto workers, underwater welders, and axe-wielding loner survivalists. Nary a lawyer or doctor or CEO to be found in my stable of fictional men. Suffice it to say, I love me some sweaty physical labor. I have nothing against a man using his head to make a living, but something about a guy who also relies on his body to provide…oooh, it just gets my cavewoman brain all overheated.

So on this topic, I'm doing a sort of tie-in this week with a discussion / contest I'm running over at Coffee Time Romance. CTR is highlighting Ellora's Cave authors all month long, and I'm excited to be a part of it. To kick off the June event I've offered to give away a copy of my latest erotic novella, Shivaree. All you have to do is comment, either here or via my personal CTR thread, and tell me about your favorite sexy blue collar job. I'll pick a favorite comment (probably the one that makes me sigh the most wistfully from the visual it inspires) on Sunday, June 6 at 8pm EST and announce a lucky winner.

Unrelated to the contest and just for fun, here's a poll. Your favorite may not be on this list (any plumber fetishists out there? forklift drivers? railroad workers?) but I thought it'd be fun to see what people said…plus I wanted to see if this code hack actually worked.

So, what are the sexiest blue collar jobs?

[Sorry, poll is now closed. Soldier won by a landslide!]

Thanks for weighing in! And if you like winning stuff, check back on my thread on Coffee Time Romance this month, as I'll be on there frequently—chatting, sharing excerpts and covers, running contests and giving away great prizes, including copies of my books, homemade cookies, and gift cards to Good Vibrations. Hope to see you there! And I'll be back on Sunday night to amend this post and announce the winner. [Contest is now closed. The lucky winner was fireman-hungry Judith over at Coffee Time.]


Wynter Daniels said...

I love me a hot blue collar guy. Give me the cop, the fireman or the cowboy any day over the suit.

Cara McKenna said...

Heh… I totally got a visual of Wynter exiting a bar with the cop, the fireman and the cowboy, leaving a very disappointed businessman pouting into his glass.

Savannah Stuart said...

All good options! Soldier, cop, cowboy, love em' all!

Cara McKenna said...

A close race so far, with cowboys and soldiers pulling into a fierce neck-and-neck lead.

Jina Bacarr said...

There's nothing sexier than a guy who is passionate about his work...and you.

Great post, Cara!

s7anna said...

I just have this thing for carpenter's or handymen...sooo sexy. I just get HOT thinking about their skilled hands *wink*


Cara McKenna said...

Ooh, and soldiers have taken the lead!

Cara Bristol said...

This is a tough choice...but I'd say a police detective. I can picture him now with his uh...gun...bulging under his clothing. But firemen are hot, too. Years ago I had a couple of gardeners. They were brothers, aerospace workers who mowed lawns on the side. One of them was quite attractive...and used to mow my lawn with his shirt off.

Dalton Diaz said...

I'm weighing in too late - still trying to do double time with those new twin nephews - but I'm all soldier, baby! The bod, the buzz cut, the uniform...preferrably partial...Yum!
Not the kids, tho. Give me a mature soldier any day.

Cara McKenna said...

Aerospace gardeners, Cara? Awesome! I can't push the image of moon boots out of my head, but what with the shirtlessness, it's still an intriguing scene.