Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Fer! Release News and My Free Story

Promotion alert! Promotion alert! I finally got the release date for my newest novel, Magician's Chains, my male/male fantasy BDSM romantic erotica. JUNE 16th ladies and gentlemen. Mark it on your calendars. And here is the lovely cover. Alluring huh?

Before I get on with the second installment of my free story, SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS, which I began two weeks ago, I wanted to include the blurb for Magician's Chains below:

Jesse and Savin shared one strange, hot kiss and an even stranger mystical connection over a decade ago. Now reunited at a BDSM-flavored erotic magic show in Las Vegas, Jesse finds Savin performing as the Dominant magician. He's one sexy, powerful package, and Jesse fights the call to expose himself to Savin, giving up body, soul and heart. But dark fae nightmares prophesy a more dangerous magic than stage tricks at work as their lives collide.

Jesse has given up on his dreams after a personal tragedy. Savin's only dream is to be human, although he is not. Drawn to one another, the men enter into a weekend Master/slave contract. In Savin's chains, Jesse submits, letting loose destructive passion and grief. Both resist the craving to make their bond permanent, sure that if they do they place one another in jeopardy. If they cannot accept the magic they create together, and their joined destinies, the survival of two worlds will be at stake.

Sounds fabulous, no? Visit the Ellora's Cave coming soon page to check out the excerpt.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I'm going to continue my free futuristic menage BDSM story, SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS with the second section. If you want to reread or catch up on the first installment, you can find it earlier in this blog at:


(We left Duncan and Raven finishing their confrontation outside the big cat cages of the Cirque.)

Duncan forced himself to turn and walk away, away from the hard muscled body underneath the tight black clothes. Not a strongman build, but compact sinuous muscles, like the cats for which Duncan cared. And as equally lethal. Duncan knew it. He'd made it his business to identify predators. The half-smiling face was a poor mask to cover this guy's danger. He hated admitting it turned him on. A damn idiot to respond to the Dom signals. He never intended to give the man what he wanted. And the clown's interest made him edgy, freaked him out.

Duncan had a difficult enough time accepting Vivi's attention. One day she'd look too closely at him and everything would break apart. He'd take what he could get until his luck ran out.

He wound his way through the frenetic crowds back to the big top, pushing through the plasti flap and hearing the zap of mutable force field fold back into place. He slowed his pace to get it under control before he reached the far side of the arena where Vivi went over the final prep for her act.

Her dark head was bent in conversation with Pietre, her brother and assistant. Sparkling microchip paint covered her lush curves, the thick application pulsing on her skin with gemstone colors that flashed across the color spectrum. The tech paint application went from neck to ankles like a liquid glove, stopping above her stiletto-encased feet. The black daggers of those heels contrasted with the brightly shifting sparkle. She wore nothing beside the paint. Every firm and rounded inch of her glory on display. Her hard pointed nipples jutted proudly from her breasts. Vivi never made excuses for how much of life was a turn on for her. Just breathing aroused her she claimed. Perhaps because she knew with certainty she met the universe on her own terms and that if the universe was smart it listened.

He approached her from behind, but as always, no matter how focused her attention on her work or conversation, she knew he was there and spun to him, smiled that fucking killer welcome that promised sharp lovely torment along with her love.

He closed the last distance and cradled her chin in his hands, bending for a deep, too urgent kiss, the throb of his cock and marathon beat of his heart stepping up pace.

After tasting her, loving every damn moment of her tongue dancing with his, she used the hands she'd rested on his hips during the embrace to squeeze for his attention. Nails dug into hipbone under the waistband of his pants where she'd insinuated her fingers. Her slightest push away warned him he needed to retreat. Duncan broke the kiss, hating to separate and wanting to lose himself in her, maybe even feel her punishment for her forwardness, but knowing she wouldn't put up with this desperation shit for long. He didn't even understand it.

"What's wrong?" Her velvet gaze burrowed into him, assessing, although the question came with genuine concern.


Her lips turned down. "No lying to me, pet. All that results in is your ass too tender to sit for a week."

A throat cleared behind them. Shit. Raven. "Am I interrupting?"

Duncan's gut flipped and he worked like gangbusters to keep his scowl off his face. His jaw ached with the effort.

Vivi's eyes slit with interest at his reaction. Guess he hadn't buried it as fast as he intended.

She feathered one last caress on his cheek and turned to Raven. "Yes, you're interrupting."

"Ah, so sorry Vivi. You keep so busy, it seems there's never a good time for this discussion."

He'd strangle the clown if he used her first name so familiarly again. Sounding like a sensual endearment rolling off his tongue.

"The discussion being?" she asked.

"Duncan,"Raven answered.

The growl leaked out no matter how Duncan willed himself to swallow it.

Vivi's gaze whipped back to him, digging deeper. After a moment she rested a hand on his shoulder. "Down on your knees, pet."

Fucking A. Now? With him watching? But he knew better than to refuse. It hurt too much to do it. And not from the punishment either, but from disappointing her. If he could just get her alone.

"Calm, pet." She ran stroking fingers through his nape-length hair, brushing elegant hands down his neck across his shoulder blades and back up again. A path of gentle press meant to soothe.

Gods, she always knew, didn't she?

After his muscles unclenched enough to keep him from bursting something, she faced Raven. "And about Duncan? You've upset him. I'd appreciate an explanation. Now."

Raven made a half bow. "Apologies Mistress. He grew upset after I informed him I would be applying for your consideration."

Her eyes raked the harlequin head to toe, then flicked to Duncan where he knelt. Duncan should have trained his eyes to the ground, but he was too damn pissed to do it. He needed to watch her reactions.

"You're applying to serve me?"

"Not as such, but I will if it buys the lady's favor."

Again she glanced back to Duncan, her expression puzzling over his attitude, a corner of her mouth quirking up into amused realization. "You want permission to play with my pet."

Her eyes glazed for an instant as if watching some internal vid that caught her interest. The beat of several seconds passed, her smile disappeared and all signs of playfulness disintegrated. "Your request is the height of rudeness, Raven. Done at an inappropriate time and inappropriate place. Duncan is not a toy I lend on a whim. Not a toy at all."

Got that straight.

"I'm not assuming he is," Raven answered. "And the lack of appropriate time and place is exactly the point, Vivi. Both your schedules are so busy there is no luxury of perfect opportunity. Duncan is suffering from the neglect. I suspect you are as well."

Vivi turned to her brother. "You'll excuse us, Pietre."

Pietre rolled his eyes, but walked away to inspect the target stand they used in the act.

Once he left, Raven stepped back and made a more sweeping bow, arms flourishing in regal yet sensual gesture as if to showcase his person. "I offer something you both need. My specialty is play, madam. Fun. Indulgence. The pair of you are so harried by your schedules and the increasing demands of the Cirque while Andreil pounds away to increase profits that you have barely enough time to attend to him." He nodded in Duncan's direction.

Duncan refused to keep his mouth shut longer. "Vivi. Ignore the idiot. He's making no sense."

Fuck those too intense eyes. Fuck the man.

"I don't?"

Before Duncan blinked the harlequin had grabbed his arm, raised it with fingers digging into flesh above his elbow. Raven's mouth twisted in displeasure, the first sign of irritation Duncan had seen the man allow himself. "Do you notice the claw scratch, Mistress?" He twisted her title with the smallest hint of derision. "I've watched him this past month. He's driving himself too hard. The injury came from carelessness due to exhaustion. Your pet is unhappy. He's restless and has nothing to focus him but more work because you have little time to spare. The fool is begging Andreil to let him add more felines to his act when he's barely on game enough to attend to the ones he has."

Duncan jerked his arm out of Raven's grip, but when Duncan turned to Vivi he found her expression a storm cloud of irritation, although aimed at him not the clown.

Although she bit her response out to Raven between clenched teeth her gaze was all for Duncan. "You are a bastard to judge my care of my submissive."

But worry was in her eyes. Shit!

With tight tenderness she reached for the arm Raven had gripped. "The cats did this to you?"

"Yesterday. It's nothing. A scratch. Anyone working with big animals receives one from time to time."

"You asked Andreil for more animals?"

"It's who I am, Vivi. Please, I don't know why this asshole is stirring things up, but I'm happy as it is. I love serving you. Taking care of you. I want your touch, our scent, your cuffs every damn night whether I actually sleep next to you or not."

She drew a long finger down the ridge of his nose. Sighed. "So sweet, pet. But it's my job to consider your welfare." She turned to Raven, tilting her head, assessing the man. "I don't like how you've handled this, but I will take your words seriously."

"And about my request?"

"Your eyes are keen, but you've made little real argument for giving you privileges to what is mine. I don't know you, Raven."

"Then find out who I am."

"Why do you want him?"

Raven examined him again, a smile kicking up his lips. A look of wicked dangerous hunger painted in it. Sending an unwanted shiver down Duncan's vertebrae. Brutally stripped bare by the inspection, every skin cell evaluated, judged. Found out.

"Because he's beautiful, strong, intelligent, caring and has has such potential to drop so deep into his submission it's breathtaking."

Bullshit. Duncan knew his worth. Better than anyone.

"All that from observing for a month?" she asked.

"I've been a careful observer. And the lady has such fine taste I know I must be onto something."

"Do you always flatter your submissives into your bonds, Raven?"

"Why, do you want to submit to me, my dear?"

"In your wildest fantasies."

"Why yes, exactly."

Her head tilted back and a wild, throaty laugh escaped her. He hated that she laughed for the man."

"Who are you really Raven?"

The painted man shrugged. "Tis a mystery."

"Well since I love a mystery I suppose I'll have to strip you bare later and solve it, throwing the gauntlet as you have."

She reached for the sheath of her knives where it lay on a side table. She withdrew a dagger, examining its point with her finger. "I have work to do."

"Of course."

The mocking in his words slitted her eyes again. "Watch yourself, clown. I can play nice or nasty, but I always play hard. And I keep what is mine."

Her eyes moved to Duncan.

(To be continued next time....)


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Keep the story coming! :)

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I will,Savannah.I'm just glad I know it has an end.

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Love this! And what a cool cover.

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Re: your upcoming release, I'll say it again, Michelle, DAG that's a hot cover!

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Holy Freakin' Moly!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks guys, I do love my cover.