Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Writing Retreat

I’m on a mission.
I have a great opportunity for some free writing time, even though it puts a lot of pressure on my family. Wonderful, supportive folks that they are, they are letting me go on a writing retreat for a week in VT, right on the heels of being gone for almost a week at RT.
I’m working on a new Cougar Challenge book, and the wonderful Quirky Ladies helped me hammer out some important details for the premise last Friday night over crunchy rolls from our favorite sushi restaurant.
Mmm, crunchy rolls. What I wouldn’t give for a – stop. Focus, dammit!

I swear the writing gods think it’s funny to conspire against me. I’m here now, 2 days late, but I’m here. I’ve had everything thrown at me from Mother’s Day to childbirth (I’m an Auntie!), to poison ivy (bad case for DH), to snow, to personal injury.

Yes, snow. That’s not a typo.
Did I mention that I woke up today, my first morning, with pink eye?
So, I’m going along like a journal. Today is Mon, and I’ll post on Thurs. morn. My personal goal for this trip is 10,000 words and I don’t want to change that number for a few circumstances. My foot can throb (don’t ask!), I found sugar for my coffee, and I still have one good eye.
10,000 words. I’m on a mission.

Mon’s word count, 2,015. Goal for today, 3000 words and calories. If I hit it, I get to go to the restaurant across the street and get myself some fettuccini alfredo. I’m lactose intolerant and a perpetual dieter, so this is a huge treat. And no, I do not need to be told it’s probably more than 3000 calories in one sitting. I’m in denial, let me be. Besides, by the time you read this I’ll hopefully have already eaten it, so telling me that would just be mean.
Tues. night:
Hit 3011 words, can’t talk, stuffing face. First thing I did was throw away the bread. Yeah, that’s gonna help. OMG, I think this is better than my sex scenes. I’m going to have to reevaluate those.
…or not. Sex scenes – and the real thing – don’t leave me feeling nauseous. Maybe eating ¾ of a platter, and I do mean platter, not plate, full of rich food I don’t normally eat wasn’t my brightest moment.

Total word count so far, 5011. BTW, math won’t work on your end because numbers come from the computer, which subtracts the inevitable edits along the way.
Goal for today: minimum 2000, preference is 2500. I also want to squeeze in two long walks to help clear my head and distribute some of the alfredo from my ass and thighs.
Today will be tough because I’m not completely happy with how yesterday ended. No, let me rephrase that. The H/H are not happy and they’re letting me know it by not talking.
This calls for more coffee.
Checking back in. Late afternoon and time for a shower and a walk. Writing is going well despite not making numbers progress. I’m making story progress, and the H/H are back with me.

The walk has cleared my mind and the beauty of it has made me remember why I love to come here to get away from the grind. There aren’t many places you can step outside and come across this a short distance away. Snow has melted and the weather is beautiful and lukewarm, tho they are calling for a freeze tonight.
I’m glad the story is on the right track, but I failed miserably in my word count. I’m ending the night at 566 words. No telling how many I actually wrote because I backtracked a lot, but that’s par for the course. My end of trip goal number is still 10,000.

I'll check back in before I go home. I have a lot of words to go in the next 48 hours!


Cara McKenna said...

Oh, awesome, Dalton! Good for you, putting yourself and your craft first. Sometimes we just have to do that, and nuts to the distractions…now matter how much we love those distractions.

Wishing you a 2500 day!

Wynter Daniels said...

I'm so impressed that you've persevered through so man obstacles. A lesser author wouldn't have done that. Good for you!

Dalton Diaz said...

Cara, I am my own worst enemy. Ooh, butterfly! Wait, what were we saying? Right, I - Hey, I wonder if they have crunchy rolls around here. Wait, coffee's not quite right...

Um, what were we saying?

Wynter, I wouldn't normally do that, and the obstacles weren't huge, just irritating. Still, I let them get to me at home, and that's the whole purpose of starting this story here. Once I get into the characters, I'm good even at home.

Dalton Diaz said...

Oh, and goal for today? As far over 3000 words as possible.

Ashlyn Chase said...

You can do it! I've SEEN you do it! Right there in scenic Vermont.

Just let the words come. Don't edit until you get home. Yeah, easier said than done, right?


Terry Odell said...

Kudos to you (and your family). Being a writer is about writing. Looks like you've got it!

Christine H said...

Hi DD, Sounds like a nice place to be to get away and focus on the story. Sorry about the pink eye, I've never had it but I've seen how red an eye can get, sounds painful too.
Your talking my language when your talking about fettuccini alfredo. YUM! but I hardly ever get it.
This is me Not asking about your foot........... LOL
Hope it's not anythng bad, Really.
Enjoy and Good Luck with the rest of the words.

All my best, Christine

Christine H said...
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Mai said...

So cool DD, beautiful goal, beautiful place. Yeah for you for that writers dedication y'all have. That description for that dinner, hmmmmm, lol, sounded so good. You go and make that word count goal mama, good luck!

Dalton Diaz said...

Ash, I miss the nighties and cooking you breakfast. Wait, that doesn't come out right! If Garry is lurking, I think I just heard him fall out of his chair.

Dalton Diaz said...

Christine, I can tell now because it's better. I slipped in the snow trying to save time by hauling all of my stuff for the week up at one time. Ever slammed the top of your foot/ankle on a grocery cart? Kinda like that but harder. Oh, and all of my crap toppled in the parking lot. Twice. It's what I get for being lazy.

Mai, thanks for the encouragement. I'm off to write, and will post my count at the end of the night.

mel king said...

very impressive!

Kathryn Esplin said...

Keep going! You're doing just fine, pinkeye excepted. Aren't you on any medicine for that? When I wore contacts, I had it constantly and used petroleum jelly with erythromyecin ointment.

Dalton Diaz said...

Kathryn, pink eye is almost gone. I seem to be more susceptible to it since having laser surgery many moons ago, but would still do that again in a heartbeat. Drops from CVS do the trick. It was only bad on Mon.

Hey, I'm at 1000 words and it's only noon! Woo-Hoo!

Amber Skyze said...

With so many obstacles you continue to move forward! Hooray for you. Hope you reach your goal.

Donna said...

I love the journal idea and I think the word count is coming along nicely. I so need the story on the foot and I'll give you a pass on the Alfrado - for now - only if you give me the foot story later.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, it's crunch time for the remaining 4500 words. Come on you can do it.

Naima Simone said...

Go, Dalton, go!! You can do it! The pictures are beautiful...snow??!! LOL! Wow. I think the retreat is an awesome idea and your family is just as wonderful for okay-ing your going! I believe by the time you return you will hit that 10,000 mark!

Dalton Diaz said...

Waving at Amber! Hi! The only obstacle with any teeth was getting here 2 days late. I'm not sure I can overcome that, but I'm damn close, so I'll be happy anyway.

Donna, you've just gotta hear my klutz stories, eh? I have to be careful. SOMEBODY right here on this loop (Ash) who shall remain nameless (it's Ash) likes to write those things into books.

Dalton Diaz said...

Mel, you almost snuck by me! I know you do a lot of travel and a lot of volunteer stuff - how in the world do you find time to write? Inquiring minds want to know!

Naima, they are wonderful and that's part of the reason I'm working so hard to make my goal. Can't wait to see them.

I was toying with the idea of leaving tomorrow, but I'm hovering just under 7000 so it's simply not close enough. Big push tomorrow and then that's it, magic uninterrupted time is up.

Michelle Polaris said...

We believe in you,Babe. All the way. Sorry you were flying solo this time, but I promise I'll follow you up there one of these days.