Friday, May 7, 2010

Guest Author Maree Anderson

Please welcome the fabulous Maree Anderson! Currently she writes for Red Sage Publishing and is a member of Romance Writers of Australia, America, and New Zealand! In 2008 she entered the Alpha Male Novella Contest w/ Red Sage and subsequently sold! Thankfully she didn't stop with one release and now Let Sleeping Demons Lie is out! Without any further rambling from me, here's Maree!

Hi y’all! I’d really like to thank Savannah and the other lovely Naughty Author Chicks for inviting me along to chat about my new release in an “appropriate” forum. What I mean by “appropriate” is that I usually end up being asked about my plots and characters over the barbecue table with guests, or after Ceroc dance class on a Thursday night, when we’re all chilling and winding down at Dennys. My friends are quite taken aback when they learn I write erotic romance, and some of the questions I’ve been asked would sure make your hair curl. Much hilarity usually ensues, and I’m pretty darn certain I’ve shocked many an eavesdropper with my blunt answers. Whoops!

Let Sleeping Demons Lie is the second novella in my Demons series, and it’s a May 1st Red Sage Presents release. It’s written as a standalone story but to be honest, I couldn’t resist bringing back a couple of characters from the first novella. Most notably it’s Asmodeus, the demon king, who kicks things off. He’s become somewhat of a reader favourite, and I’ve had multiple requests for him to have his own story. I have no idea why readers like him so much. Could it be because he’s such a sarcastic, dreadfully amoral, painfully handsome devil? ;-) And Leisa, the heroine from Even Demons Get The Blues, also pops in to put a spoke in Asmodeus’s devious plans.

But the true stars of Let Sleeping Demons Lie are Naamah and Brennan.

Ooh, I love both those names!

Naamah’s a felinoid demon, and jealousy is her middle name. Hell hath no fury like a felinoid demon scorned, and she’s managed to really piss off Asmodeus big-time. So much so, that he’s a hair’s breadth away from skinning her and using her pelt to adorn the fucking uncomfortable obsidian throne that Lucifer stuck him with. But Asmodeus comes up with a much more fitting punishment for Naamah. She has a phobic fear of Lycans, so he decides it’d be simply delicious to dump her in the Lycan Realm, where she’ll be at the mercy of a bunch of randy Lycan males. And that’s where things start to really get hairy—or make that furry ;-).

Naamah demanded an exceptionally strong-willed hero, a man who would ultimately teach her that what she thinks is love, is merely a pale imitation. And Naamah being felinoid, I couldn’t resist pairing her with Brennan, a leonine shifter who just happens to be a prince of the Lycan Realm. In a nutshell, Let Sleeping Demons Lie is essentially cat-demon vs lion shifter, with some truly heinous were-hyenas thrown in to spice things up. Kick back and watch the fur fly, baby! *evil laughter*

Here’s the blurb for Let Sleeping Demons Lie:

Naamah’s been stripped of her everything—her memories, her demonic powers, and her clothes!—and dumped in a savage wilderness. She believes she is human and has no idea that non-humans even exist—just as well, considering that she’s got a phobic fear of Lycans and the man who finds her is a Lion shape shifter.

Brennan is a Prime, that most alpha of alphas, and he has no time for demon females—not when he can crook a claw and any Lycan female he chooses will come running. Even though he suspects the woman he’s named “Kitten” is not what she appears to be, he lays claim to her body… and her heart. When they’re ambushed by sadistic were-hyenas and Brennan is severely injured, Kitten’s only chance of saving them both is to reclaim her demonic heritage—even if it means revealing her true self and losing Brennan’s love.

Let Sleeping Demons Lie received a reviewer Top Pick & 4 ½ stars from Night Owl Reviews, plus a 4-star review from both The Romance Readers Connection and Bitten By Books. Evidently one of my scenes is not for the squeamish.... Go on, I dare you ;-)

And I think I’ve rambled on enough, so if you’d like to read an excerpt, then please visit my website:

Oh, and if you’d like the chance to win an electronic copy of Let Sleeping Demons Lie, then please simply leave me a comment or ask me a question—I love answering questions! I’ll draw one commenter at random, so good luck, and I hope you enjoy Brennan and Naamah’s story.

Mmmm, I love anything with shifters and this read sounds smoking hot! All right, you heard the woman. After reading that excerpt you know you want to enter the contest! Thanks for joining us today, Maree! To read more about her, visit her website here.


Gracie O'Neil said...

Hiya Maree,
The book sounds fabulous (you naughty girl, you!). I had to laugh when you talked about the questions you get in social situations. If I say I write technical documentation for the electronics industry then that's okay. But if I say I write Romance? Sigh. Whole different ballgame! Whoever invented the term "bodice-ripper" should be shot--or maybe we can send him/her on a short visit to your Demon King!


Anonymous said...

Gracie, sometimes it depends on your attitude. I was volunteering at an airshow on a Marine Corp base some years back. I had an entire squad of handsome Marines in the cutest blushes when I informed their sargent that I didn't shock easily, as I read romance novels for a living.*g*

Maybe the King could just send some sex demons to those who scorn sexy romance novels...*VEG*

Maree Anderson said...

Love it! Yes, I could just imagine what I could have Asmodeus do to those who dis us. Oh, the fun he'd have ;-)

Thanks, ladies. Still grinning over the scenarios you've mentioned. And the possibilities *VBG*

Carly Carson said...

Why do people assume that all romance authors are exactly the same? There are thousands of us!

If you like your alpha males and/or demons to have a sense of humor, and maybe even a heart, check out Maree's story. You won't regret it!

Wynter Daniels said...
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Jennifer August said...

Maree, I was laughing and nodding at your dinner conversation. Sometimes my CPs and I run into the same problem, except one writes mysteries. The leery looks we get from waiters overhearing "the best ways to kill someone" are priceless!
The books sound awesome and I suspect you might have to write the Demon King his own feisty heroine. He needs to be brought down a peg or twelve!

Savannah Stuart said...

Thank you so much for joining us today Maree! That excerpt is just smokin' :)

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks for coming by the naughty chicks. Love the excerpt! Nice and naughty.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Maree! Very much enjoyed your post today--see, I would LOVE to hang out with you after a class and be able to chat about your stories! But I can imagine that conversations might occasionally raise eyebrows :)

Have you ever be "outed" to someone where you were embarrassed? Or are there any people whom you wouldn't want to know your "secret super hero identity"? :)

Cathy M said...

Hi Maree,

Loved Carly's comment about your stories, "If you like your alpha males and/or demons to have a sense of humor, and maybe even a heart, check out Maree's story."

Definitely my favorite kind of heroes,can't wait to start this series.

Maree Anderson said...

Aww... thanks Carly -- big hugs for your kind words about my story. Muwah!

Jennifer: OMG, that would be hilarious! Bet you have the waiters drawing straws to see who doesn't get to wait on your table when you're overheard discussing murderous methods, LOL.

Thanks, Savannah and Wynter! It's fabulous to be an honorary Naughty Author for a day. My DH was quite delighted ;-)

Fedora, I would love to hang out with you, too, babe! Be so nice to be taken seriously for a change! I take most of the ribbing with good humor but sometimes I'll say something totally outrageous just for the hell of it because I'm a wee bit tired of the same old silly questions *smacks hand*

Cathy, thanks heaps for stopping by! And I do hope that you enjoy reading about how my poor, misunderstood, unloved demons struggle to find their Happy Ever Afters ;-)

Cara McKenna said...

Welcome, Maree! Great to have you here with the Chicks today.

Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Maree!! Love your humor and sexy repartee. Great excerpt.

Maree Anderson said...

Cara -- thanks! I feel privileged to be a Naughty Author Chick for a day ;-)

Jina, thanks so much for stopping in and for your kind words about my story. Muwah!

Maree Anderson said...

Hi all, just wanted to say a huge thanks to the Naughty Author Chicks for hosting me, and to everyone who stopped by to chat with me. You were wonderful!

My son's just drawn a name out of my floppy sunhat and the winner of an electronic copy of Let Sleeping Demons Lie is:


Congrats, Gracie. I hope you enjoy Naamah and Brennan's story.


Dalton Diaz said...

I'm late to the rockin' party - story of my life. Congrats, Gracie, and thank you Maree for joining us.

Why is it that people still think of romance books as bodice rippers? It's been 20 years since that was true. These days the heroine is more likely to rip off her own power suit, tie up the alpha hero, and show him what she's made of. Oh, and then go back to work, where she's CEO of a Fortune 500 company.