Thursday, May 20, 2010

Assorted News Round-Up

by Cara McKenna

I don't self-pimp often, but when I do I make damn sure it's a big ol' all-in-one everlovin' promotional MFin' skankfest. Watch yo'self!

So no rambling dissertations this week, just a straight-up briefing on my recent doings in Writerland, including three upcoming stories from Ellora's Cave Exotika and my first from Loose Id.

Ruin Me coming June 9

Also known around Twitter by its Harlequin Presents-style alterna-title, The Unfaithful Paper Merchant's Forbidden Lumberjack.

Set during a snowy Vermont winter, my third release with Ellora's Cave is full of temptation and conflict and betrayal and heartache and frantic, occasionally ill-advised sex. One gal, two guys. If you're one of those readers who can't stand first-person point-of-view, this is your official warning—stay away. Or if you hate flawed characters, stay away. And if you're sensitive about infidelity as a theme, stay away. If your happily-ever-after must be dripping with glitter and babies, stay away. Otherwise, go ahead—let me entertain you for an evening at the bargain price of $5.20. Here's the blurb:

In her head, Robin wants to marry her boyfriend. Everything about her relationship with Jay makes sense, makes her happy, but she can’t bring herself to say accept his proposal. Her body has unfinished business with Patrick, the man who saved her life six years ago. For a long time she assumed her potent feelings for Patrick were fearful, wrapped up in the night she was attacked, but now she’s realizing it’s far simpler than that. She wants him. Always has, always will.

More attached to Robin than the idea of her being faithful, Jay gives her the green light to go after Patrick in the hopes that it will demystify the man and get him out of Robin’s system. It begs the question—if you've got permission, is it still cheating? And which will ultimately sway the heart—reason or attraction?

Reader warning: although arguably no cheating technically takes place, this story has a strong theme of infidelity and is not recommended for readers sensitive to that topic.

Click here for an excerpt.

Here's the PG-rated trailer…if any of my video embeds are persnickety, you can also view them at

Willing Victim coming in July

My fourth novella with EC. Here's the gist:

Laurel's floundering, cast adrift in her own life until the day a tall, built bruiser named Flynn walks in and changes everything. Laurel never pictured herself with a boxer, never imagined she'd be willing to explore rough sex and even rougher role-playing, but she can't deny how alive it makes her feel.

Reader warning: this story features [100% consensual] rape role-play scenarios which may upset some readers.

Here's the PG13-rated trailer:

Ready and Willing coming in August

My first novella from Loose Id! There are some smart folks who've been around the smutty block a few times and would tell you that erotica focused on conception turns readers off…or at least doesn't sell well. I don't know that I'm gunning to prove anybody wrong, but I like this story and was pleased as punch to find a good home for it. Here's the blurb:

At thirty-two, Abby’s pretty much got her shit together. She has a good job, a cozy home, a supportive family…and a biological clock that’s starting to feel more like a time bomb. Turned off the by the cold science of artificial insemination but wary of the complications that might come from enlisting a close male friend, Abby settles on a happy medium—she places an ad in a newspaper and goes in search of guys who are willing to help her conceive the good old-fashioned way. In the end she selects two men and winds up with far more than the no-strings-attached sex she bargained for, including an impromptu threesome and an unexpected romance.

Features male / male / female menage.

New contract for Backwoods

Ah, back to Louisiana. Fans of Shivaree may be excited to hear that Ellora's Cave has officially made an offer on its prequel, Backwoods. It's the story of how Shane and Gabriel and their smoking-hot codependent m/m tension-fest came to be. For those who haven't read Shivaree, you don't need to read one novella to appreciate the other—these are stand-alone stories, not a series…though Shivaree may one day have a true sequel, for myself and everyone else who thinks poor Shane deserves a happy ending.

Projects in the works

I have a couple stories due to head out into the Rejectosphere in the next few weeks. One is a short, cheap little frolic I've been calling Dirty Thirty. It's an m/m/f menage centered around Evan on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, the night his wife has arranged for them to live out Evan's taboo fantasy of sleeping with another man. I also have a longer story I'm planning to submit next month called Trespass, an erotic novella about a woman fugitive seeking sanctuary with a man in his remote home in the wilds of Montana. Lots of betrayal and lust and love and new beginnings and buckshot wounds. I got to shovel [literal] horseshit in the name of research for this one.

See you at RWA National

I was on the fence about attending National this year…until I found out I'd finaled in the Golden Heart contest and my husband insisted that I have to go, Orlando-in-July heatstroke be damned. If you're planning to attend, I'll be the pale, twitching mess wretching with nerves throughout the awards presentation, then the meek, quivering newbie at the bookfair, signing print compilations of my first three erotic novellas from Ellora's Cave. Swing by and say hello.

And that's it. Back atcha in two weeks with a triumphant return to my typical, nonsensical breed of irrelevant posting.


Michelle Polaris said...

I am so looking forward to these releases, Cara. I'd already read the excerpt for the June release and the video makes me even more excited. You are one smokin' chick with all these stories on their way out. Wow! Congratulations.

Cara McKenna said...

Thanks, Michelle. It probably seems like I crank them out, but bear in mind I'm piling cupcakes on the counter while you're in the back, constructing epic three-tier wedding cakes.

Damn, now I want frosting! I subbed Dirty Thirty yesterday so I get today off to waste as I like. Perhaps some baking is in order…

Wynter Daniels said...

The Rejectosphere!? Too funny. Congrats on all the upcoming stories.

Cara McKenna said...

Thanks, Wynter. It doesn't pay to get too confident in this industry…though be assured that underneath my extra-crispy crust of pessimistic self-preservation, I'm just a big old slab of juicy, quivering, hopeful white meat.

Jina Bacarr said...


Your stories are sexy and fun to read and your enthusiasm is inspiring! Congrats on your new releases.

Cara McKenna said...

Jina, don't stroke my ego when I'm indulging in a post-submission afternoon beer. Alcohol + compliments = a dangerous tightrope strung between egomania and incapacitating self-doubt.

Cara McKenna said...

Hmmm…let me clarify my last comment. "Post-submission" means "after I submitted a story". Not "after the sorts of things Michelle writes about".

Naima Simone said...

LOL! You're too funny! Cara, CONGRATULATIONS on all the new releases! Got my change ready to start downloading!!

Cara McKenna said...

I owe you a free copy of Ruin Me for the tired eye pics from my last post, Naima. Don't let me forget.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Congratulations on all your great news, Cara!

I have to say, all those warnings aren't scaring me away from the new release. I want it!


Dalton Diaz said...

Those were warnings? I thought they were added enticements...