Monday, April 26, 2010

Randy Research - A Position Paper

I admit it. Spending my days writing romance stories chock full of steamy sex scenes, I occasionally find myself at a loss to put a fresh spin on a sex scene. I have resorted to researching the best way to handle certain unusual sexual situations. These queries always result in some very interesting information.
Say for example my hero and heroine are in or near a body of water when the sexual tension gods demand a sacrifice. I might research Best Sex Positions in Water. The plethora of ideas is mind-boggling! On Cosmo’s website alone I found the Tawdry Tube, the Randy Raft, the Canoodling Canoe, the Hot Tub Hug and my favorite discovery – Get a Leg Up!
And these positions are great after a couple’s already made love at least once. But for a first encounter, the Spider or the Cowgirl just won’t do. More often than not I choose the same position—at least at the beginning of the encounter—missionary style. Why? Intimacy. The lovers can look each other in the eyes and forge a deeper connection.
Missionary sex gets a lot of bad press as old fashioned or male chauvinistic, but for me, intimacy is way hotter than acrobatics. And according to research, it’s how most people had sex the very first time.
Not that acrobatics doesn’t have its place, mind you. I love putting my characters in creative sexual positions.
And what’s the most popular position? I actually found an ezine article that claimed to have done a poll. The top three were all close but at least in 2008, doggie style won. I’ll be sure to let you know the 2009 results as soon as they are in. Actually, I may be busy writing a sex scene, so maybe not.


Michelle Polaris said...

Keep us up to date as best you can on the position favorite of 2009, Wynter. Inquiring minds. But you are very right. To keep writing new sex scenes, even if you have expanded variables like kinky props can get dull. It takes a lot of creativity to keep it fresh.

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

Sometimes you just have to go with the original. Intimacy is key.

Wynter Daniels said...

I'll do that, Michelle;-)
Chudney - I agree. So much depends on the characters and the story.

Jina Bacarr said...

Good info on research links, Wynter. Thank you.

Re: putting a fresh spin on sex scenes--I find that it's fun to interview your couple or threesome and ask THEM what they want--in other words, delve into your characters' backgrounds and find out why certain positions turn them on...or off. It adds an extra dimension to your scene.

Wynter Daniels said...

Great idea, Jina - thanks.

Naima Simone said...

Now I have some new links for Favorites...LOL! Thanks, Wynter!! You know, now that I think back, most of the "first times" for my characters are missionary--or a variation of it. But they are definitely face-to-face. I agree. It's the intimacy, eye contact and being able to read the other's emotions that really count more than the acrobatics. But the most inventive position I've read? Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Night Embrace". Talon hanging upside upside down on that chin-up bar with Sunshine in front of figure it out. Clue: It's a hot number!! LOL!

Savannah Stuart said...

I'm all for intimacy too. It's tough to constantly come up w/ fresh ideas when writing sex scenes but as long as the couple is emotionally connecting and there's true intimacy involved, I usually dig it.