Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now you know ...

Before you read this post, I guess I should apologize first. You see, I have this pet peeve when it comes to writing, and that is not being able to write, but having sex constantly on the brain at the same time. It's like some very cruel joke or something. LOL So, until my muse decides to play nice and come back home, I suppose I'll entertain you with one of the things that has been on my mind alot and that is sexual positions. *wink*

I held a contest this week and the participants had to answer various erotic questions to be entered in the drawing, and one of the questions was 'What is your favorite sexual position?' By a huge margin, doggie-style topped the list, but according to BestSexPositions.com, these were rated the top ten by their readers. You can see videos that illustrate these positions by visiting their website, but they are very explicit, so don't open the link at work and/or around children.

1. The Flower Press/Pressed Position – The Pressed position is a classic move straight from the Kama Sutra that is excellent for the G-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms, or men with a smaller than average penis.

2. Italian Hanger/The Rabbit/The Arch – woman with her head and shoulders on the floor and her back arched so her hips are off the ground. Man kneels between her legs supporting her raised body with his hands under her hips.

3. Squashing the Deckchair – woman on her back with a pillow under her buttocks. She then raises her legs and brings her knees as close to her chest as possible, placing her ankles on her lover’s shoulders.

4. The Beetle – Unlike most rear entry positions in which he holds the reins, the Beetle puts her squarely in control. To tease him, she may partially lower herself onto his cock, then raise up again.

5. Leap Frog – Contrary to what the name implies, there is no jumping or leaping involved in performing the leapfrog sexual position. It is similar to the doggy style position, and is one of the best positions for amazingly deep penetration.

6. The Star / Camel Ride / Camel Style – woman on her back with one leg outstretched and the other raised. The man enters her, straddling her outstretched leg and with his knee under her raised leg.

7. Italian chandelier / The Crab – a rear entry variant of the basic woman on top position; woman on top, arching her back; placing her hands on the ground or on his chest; man underneath entering from behind.

8. Asian Cowgirl – The man lies on his back; the woman squats (not kneels) on top of the man, then bounces up and down.

9. Playing of the cello – woman on her back, ankles on one of the man’s shoulders; man kneeling enters from back; also known as Playing of the violin.

10. The Seventh Posture – The woman lies on her side. The man kneels facing her, straddling her lower leg and supporting her upper leg with the crook of his elbow or on his shoulder.

So ... are any of these your favorites?


lexcade said...

oooh, can't wait to try these out ;) thx for the *ahem* heads-up

Michelle Polaris said...

Well, at least you have something to do while waiting for the muse to show up. Thank you very much for the list. I'll notify the proper authorities.

Wynter Daniels said...

I love the colorful names. By the end of the list I was expecting something like the Rabbi and the Blacksmith or something equally out there;-)

Cara McKenna said...

Great post, Stephanie! Think I'll keep my nonfiction position preferences to myself, though, and just let readers assume I get up to the crazy shit I write in real life. Oh yeah, m/m/f every night, fools, rocking the harem on weekends. You know I rollz.

Savannah Stuart said...

These names crack me up. The Asian Cowgirl? I feel like this should be offensive but I'm not sure why... lol. One of my faves is on this list, though I didn't know it had a name...and I'm not telling which ;)

Naima Simone said...

Ummm...yeah...and I've found some new favorites...and a whole new appreciation for nature and wildlife. Who new frogs and rabbits were that freaky?? LOL!

Awesome post! And good for my books too!!

Jina Bacarr said...

Very informative post, Stephanie. Descriptive names for sexual positions seem to be universal.

Here are a few I mention in my nonfiction book, The Japanese Art of Sex, from the "The Mystic Master of the Grotto" by Dong Yuan Zi:

Dragons Twisting
White Tiger Jumping
Seagulls Soaring
Wild Horses Leaping

Stephanie Adkins said...

Cool names, Jina! I especially love Seagulls Soaring. :)

Thanks for commenting everyone!