Friday, April 16, 2010

Join Me For A Toast!

I am sooo excited that my first book from Ellora’s Cave, Tropical Exposure is now out. This is also my first ménage story. I’ve been told the subject is a popular one for the genre. So do tell. Have you ever fantasized about participating in one?
And did you know there’s even a cocktail of the same name? Sounds intriguing to me. Here’s the recipe:
· 1 fl oz of dark rum
· 1 fl oz of Cointreau or triple sec
· 1 fl oz of half and half
· 1 strawberry
· ice cubes
Fill shaker halfway with ice cubes. Slit strawberry and wedge it over rim of martini glass. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake. Strain into glass and enjoy.

I’ll give one commenter a free copy of Tropical Exposure. Here’s a blurb:
Megastar Marin Shay disappears from the radar a few weeks a year for a vacation from the pressures of Hollywood. This time, though, instead of the usual bodyguards she gets stuck with—beefy middle-aged men with bad breath and even worse comb-overs—she lucks into some scorching-hot eye candy.
Tony and Josh share the same objective—taking care if Marin in every way possible. And when she proposes they indulge her fantasy of a ménage a trois, both men are definitely eager to please.
There’s only one problem—one of them is really a tabloid reporter who could ruin everything.
And here’s a sneak peek:
God, she missed the feel of a man’s strong arms around her, the rough scratch of a five o’clock shadow against her skin, the heated stares that made her legs wobble.
Liaisons took so much planning for someone like her, always in the limelight, always under scrutiny. Few men could handle that kind of attention. Famous men dealt with it best, already used to the constant attention. Unfortunately, those she’d dated were way more focused on their image than on making a relationship work.
She’d had a couple of regular guys, men without gigantic Hollywood egos. But they’d been too interested in pleasing her, as if they needed instruction. Most were too intimidated to push the envelope, sexually speaking. For once, she didn’t want to be in charge. She yearned for a man to take control of her in the bedroom, make her submit to his will, but she’d never had the nerve to say so.
A blast of cold water ripped her out of her thoughts. Had she run out of hot water already? She gave the faucet a quick twist to shut it off. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move. Glancing toward the window, she gasped.
There was a man on the deck just outside the window taking a shower. His back was to her, all tanned skin and rippling muscles. When he turned a little, she realized it was Josh. But she couldn’t stop gawking, couldn’t tear her gaze from his amazing shoulders or his six-pack.
When he twisted toward her, she got a glimpse of his cock. Holy cow! It wasn’t even hard, but it was enormous. Mesmerized, she stepped closer to the window for a better view.
Soap bubbles cascaded over his chest, past his stomach and disappeared in the tuft of brown curls above that amazing… Hey! It was growing. He was getting hard. What the…
Then she lifted her gaze to his face.
Oh God. He grinned, stared at her, obviously enjoying her reaction to his chiseled body. Automatically, she drew her hands up to cover her breasts and she realized her nipples were as rigid as Josh’s erection.


Katie Reus said...

Congrats, Wynter!! Hope you have many sales :)

Michelle Polaris said...

Wooo Hoooo Wynter! Happy release day. Magnificent menage! I love them. Not that I've participated, mind you, but I love writing and reading these.

Sherry said...

This sounds like a very good book and I can't wait to read it. I hope you have a great release day.

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks, ladies. I love them too, Michelle. So many possibilities!

Kaylea Cross said...

Happy release day, Wynter! Very hot, and I think I'll take this with me on my e-reader when I leave on my upcoming trip. I hate flying, and this definitely sounds like it will keep me distracted :)

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks, Kaylea! I hope you have a good flight. Distraction is good - I despise flying, too.

Jina Bacarr said...

As you said re: menage, Wynter, so many possiblities...

I love your cover! Classy and sexy with a dreamlike quality as you take the reader along on a ride on a bicycle built for... three!

Cathy M said...

God bless a man who doesn't need instruction, lol. Great excerpt Wynter, and the recipe sounds totally yummy. Need to track down some ingredients first, but can't wait to try it.


Wynter Daniels said...

Bicycle built for three - cute, Jina!
Thanks, Cathy - here's a cyber toast;-)

Dalton Diaz said...

Well, happy release day and welcome to the family! Love to write and read menages, and this one sounds hot, hot, hot.

Wynter Daniels said...

Winner of free copy of Tropical Exposure - Kaylea Cross!

Cara McKenna said...

Sorry to be late—I was out of town. Damn, a tropical escape sounds good right now as I listen to the forty-degree rain hitting my skylight north of Boston, even if it's too early to be enjoying a threesome; too early in the morning for the cocktail or too early in my marriage to be bargaining for a third? Both. Definitely both. But a girl can read, can't she?

Cara McKenna said...

Oh crap! Happy belated release day, Wynter1 That's the comment I meant to leave before I got distracted by thoughts of alcohol and erections.

KC Burn said...

Shoot - I forgot to leave a comment on Friday! Guess I'll just have to buy a copy, since I missed a chance to win. Congrats, Wynter!

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks KC! I think you'll like it.
Cara - you're too funny. DD just said, "What the heck is so funny in there?" as I was reading your comments;-)