Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making the world a better place … one sex toy at a time

As erotic romance authors, we tend to find some interesting facts while researching for our books, whether it's through the Internet, word of mouth, the library, or ... ahem ... real playtime research. *wink*

So, when I stumbled across an article online about eco-friendly sex toys, I did a double-take. Maybe I've been oblivious to them, but I never knew such things existed (and I thought I knew ALOT about toys). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, because it seems like everywhere you turn nowadays, people are going green and doing things to help the environment. I've included the links to these products, and they're all adult-oriented, so please proceed with caution. (In other words, don't open these links at work! LOL)

Lube: Good Clean Love
All natural, water-based lubes.

Medical Grade Silicone: Echo
100% medical grade silicone toys with a removable vibrating insert.

Elastomer Rabbit Habit
The toy made famous by the ladies of Sex and the City.

Steel: The Kegelcisor
Designed to strengthen your kegal muscles while giving plenty of pleasure.

Stainless Steel: Pfun Plug
A variety of different sized plugs made from shiny stainless steel.

Wood: Hardwood Toys
You can’t get a more natural wood than actual wood.

Gold: Luxe
For the more luxurious of tastes, there is the 18k Luxe by Lelo.

Green Condoms
No animal testing, no animal cruelty, vegan, “double dipped” condoms by Glyde.

Eco-Friendly Sex Kit
Latex free, phthalate free, skin safe and fun bedroom kit with super strong Mambo condoms, an elastomer vibrator, soy massage candle and organic lube.

And I'm not too sure about this last one ... LOL ...

Sex Toy Recycling Program
When your little buddy quits on you, pack it up and send it to the Sex Toy Recycling Program where it will be cleaned, disassembled, and recycled. They recycle the batteries too.

So, what do you say? Ready to help do your part? *grin*

(Photo and links courtesy of LovingYou.com)


Jina Bacarr said...

This should be required reading for Erotic Writing 101. Great job, Stephanie. Definitely a "keeper post." Thank you for sharing!

Savannah Stuart said...

Oh my!! Thanks for the informative post! All I know is that the 'Rabbit' became famous for a reason ;)

Cara McKenna said...

Ha, awesome! Great post, Stephanie—informative and ecologically responsible. Horny environmentalists everywhere, rejoice!

Michelle Polaris said...

Stephanie--you make me want to click over and empty my wallet for these products to help support Mother Earth. (grin) What a fun post! Thank you. This idea is much more engaging than remembering to bring in my canvas bags to the grocery store when shopping.

Dalton Diaz said...

Furiously taking notes...

Wynter Daniels said...

Who knew? I'm taking notes, too. How wonderful that there are products out there that are good to spice things up in the bedroom and not harm the environment.

Naima Simone said...

Sex toy recycling? LOL! I think I've heard everything now!! That's hilarious! Who knew that was out there? Forget recycling cans! These eco-safe toys are TONS more fun...and environmentally conscious...yes, yes...must not forget that...Hee-hee! And I'm ALWAYS ready to do my part for Mother Earth...

Stephanie Adkins said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies! :)