Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guest Author K.C. Burn & Guilty Pleasures

Please welcome guest author K.C. Burn to Naughty Author Chicks! She just had her first debut from Loose Id and since she's one of my 'real life' writing buddies, I can attest that she's just as nice and awesome in real life as she is online! Since she's too humble to mention it, I'm also gonna throw out there that she's been on Loose Id's best seller list for quite a few weeks! And have you seen her first cover?? Yummy! Without any further rambling from me, here's K.C.!

Hello! I’m so pleased to be here. I love the Naughty Author Chicks and their books, so being in such great company is awesome. Let me get some quick promo…er… introductions out of the way. I’m KC Burn. My first release is out from Loose Id and it’s a gay erotic paranormal romance (try putting that on a business card!) called MIA Case Files: Wolfsbane. You might be able to figure out it involves werewolves J I’ve got a blurb and excerpt posted on my site if you want to check it out. Here’s the super-short blurb:

Werewolves are coming through an open portal and one of them wants Adam Farelli. Agent Lachlan Carmichael can't let that happen, even if it means stepping out of the closet for the town's sexiest screw-up.

However, I’m actually here to discuss guilty pleasures. We all have them, right? Those things that make you happy but you’re embarrassed to tell anyone about? Maybe your spouse or best friend or kids know. Maybe not. My husband knows mine, and mocks me, but that doesn’t stop me from liking them!

One of the unexpected delights of moving to Florida from Canada is that my guiltiest pleasure is no longer that embarrassing. Why? Well, there’s a Canadian hair band called Platinum Blonde that I love. They were more pop/new wave rather than rock/metal. But they never made it big in the US, as far as I know. If there are any Canadians reading this who grew up in Canada in the 80s - well, now you know my secret.

OMG - those pants! Those jackets! I love them and I hate them at the same time! Much of my embarrassment stems from the fact I mostly listen to punk, industrial, alternative & a bit of emo. Platinum Blonde does NOT qualify for any of those.

My other guilty pleasures are movie related. I love teen comedies, slapstick and bad horror movies. Maybe that doesn’t sound so awful -- until I tell you my top picks in each category. Josie & the Pussycats, Weekend at Bernie’s, and Lake Placid. Have you lost all respect for me yet?
Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t judge others… I have a friend who loves Judge Judy and Saved by the Bell reruns. And yes, I mock her for it (lovingly, of course). I have another friend who adores Sweet Valley High novels. Remember those?

Soooo…. Who wants to share their deepest, darkest, guilty pleasures? I’ll give away a copy of my book and a Starbuck’s gift card (in honor of one of my book’s heroes , Adam… you’ll see why when you read it) to one lucky commenter who shares a guilty pleasure AND can tell me the topic of one of my blog posts. I’m a total newbie, so there aren’t many, I promise! Are you wondering if there are any guilty pleasures in my book? Or, more specifically, are you wondering if I can tie the blog topic back into promo? Yep, I can! ;)
  • Until Carmichael has the courage to come out of the closet and openly love another man, Adam is his guilty pleasure.
  • Adam’s guilty pleasure is spending money on luxuries like expensive cologne and club cover charges when he’s totally broke (he’s not as shallow as that makes him sound, I swear!)

But really, I just want to know your deep, dark, embarrassing secrets. So, spill!


KC Burn said...

Thanks, Savannah, for the great intro! And I DO love my cover - Croco Designs did a fabulous job!

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks for joining the Naughty Chicks today - I love your post. And what an awesome cover!
OK - blog topic - Torchwood. Guilty pleasures - Lord, there are so many! I have to admit one of my worst is watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. If that's not bad enough, how about Millionaire Matchmaker. (Don't hate!) Congrats on the release. I'm really excited for you!

Savannah Stuart said...

Welcome to Naughty Author Chicks! Hmm, guilty pleasures, I have so many but I can narrow it down... Burn Notice, really good chocolate, and Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio :)

KC Burn said...

Wynter: Thanks! And reality tv - yeah, I watch some of that, too! Although Survivor's more my speed.

Savannah: Mmmm.... wine & chocolate... is it noon yet? That's an acceptable time to start indulging, isn't?

Tracy said...

Great post KC! Guilty pleasures are wonderful aren't they? I just don't have too many. My big two would be Starbucks - I go every day for my venti drip...and Baskin Robbins Ice cream. I love it. :)

Congrats on the new release.

Cara McKenna said...

Oh, mine are shameful. I've read Valley of the Dolls about twelve times, could eat a whole canister of Cheez Balls if not supplied with witnesses, and lose an entire day of my life if I accidentally passed by a TV airing a Top Model marathon.

Chris said...

One of your blog topics is your first introduction to a gay fictional character. One of my guilty pleasures good very dark chocolate.

vslavetopassionv said...

Guilty pleasure? Ummm....good coffee, a furry muscle man and a good book. Now the coffee and book can go to hell for my furry man. :)


Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

Chocolate! and Shoe shopping I'm told are my guilty pleasures.

KC Burn said...

Ice cream, chocolate, cheez balls - you're all making me hungry!

Tracy & Jase: I'm a tea drinker, so the coffee thing doesn't do it for me (except at Christmas when Starbucks does their peppermint mochas). I totally get the muscle man & the ice cream - two great things that go great together ;) er... is that TMI?

Cara: Valley of the Dolls, eh? I've never read it, but now I'm curious!

Chris: Dark chocolate is my favourite! Especially with a good red wine.

Tracy said...

Woops - of your blog topics was about bringing back Torchwood - I agree! Although I did love your discussion on Hitchhikers guide. :)

Kitchen Master said...

Guilty pleasures? All my pleasures are guilty! (Smiling and demurely blinking eyelids). I love reading all talented Romance Writers' books (like you!) -- soft and sweet to oh-so-not-so-whoo-hoo steamy! I love Starbucks, too -- chocolate -- the rich deep high% stuff, and -- oh here is the real confession -- ready? I love organic (that was organIC) beer. Love this website and all the promos. Very well done!

Karen Blondeau

Lori S. said...

Great post! Blog topic - bring back Torchwood (Fox is currently in negotiations to bring Torchwood to the states - I cringe at the possibilities).

As for guilty pleasures. Peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, Smarties, and Streeets of Fire. Oh, the humanity!

Lea said...

Hi K.C.:

Congrats on your first release, sounds great!

Blog post topic: "My first introduction to a gay fictional character."

Guilty pleasure eh? Well, I like to lay in bed drinking my cup of coffee and reading or doing computer stuff with my little dog "Tori" cuddled next to me on Sunday morning. I know, pretty boring but what can I say? lol

Thanks for the great giveaway!

KC Burn said...

Chudney: Well, at least they're always great shoes!

Tracy: Thanks! I probably could have expounded for PAGES on the subject :)

Kitchen Master: Thanks! And you've got a great handle - love it! I'm having fun thinking of all the ways that might have inspired that name!

Lori S.: Yes, I agree, Fox doing Torchwood will undoubtedly ruin it. However, I believe John Barrowman is still supposed to be Capt. Jack, so it won't be ALL bad!

Lea: Sounds like a great way to spend the day - enjoy!

joder said...

My guilty pleasure is my obsession with The Golden Girls. I watch them everyday for three to four hours--they're actually on tv that often--and I know every line by heart. I quote things from the show to people and I'd love to be Sophia when I grow up. Coffee is also something I'm addicted to. So pppplllleeeeaaassseee let me be the winner of the card! I'm addicted to their cinnamon dolce lattes!

And another blog post of yours is about bringing back Torchwood. I adore that show and Capt. Jack is my secret boyfriend. I don't want to even think about an American version. Ugh.

Cathy M said...

Hi KC,

It's funny that you mention one of your friends watching Judge Judy, she is one of my guilty pleasures too, along with the People's Court.

I also love watching my dvd collection of Queer as Folk, and am addicted to sour Jelly Bellies.

Liked your blog post for Bringing Back Torchwood, I loved that show.

s7anna said...

Hey KC,
My guilty pleasure is watching old re-runs of The Simpsons & The Family Guy.

One of your blog posts was a review post of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the was part of your 2010 DIK Reading Challenge.


KC Burn said...

Joder: Ah, The Golden Girls - my husband has mercilessly teased me the few times I've turned that on!

Cathy M: I've only seen a few episodes of Queer as Folk, but I quite liked it - very soap opera-esque.

Anna: And I love me some Family Guy - Stewie's the best!

Naima Simone said...

Hi K.C.!
Awesome post!
My guilty pleasure...well, know nothing but a book and coffee could drag this out of me, right? LOL! Bag Girls Club and Housewives of NJ and Atlanta. I can't help it! Oh and your friend and I? Sooo on the same wavelength with Elizabeth and Jessica! I love reading Sweet Valley High books! LOL! Oh wow! Did I just write that?

Blog topic: Bring Back Torchwood.

Thank you so much for stopping by Naughty Author Chicks!

Naima Simone said...

Oh and Cathy M - knuckle bump with People's Court. And..the Steve Wilcos Show. Did I just go too far...hee-hee!

KC Burn said...

Naima: Thanks! It's good to know I'm on the right track with the bribery :)

Stephanie Adkins said...

Welcome to Naughty Author Chicks, KC! It's great having you with us. I really have just one guilty pleasure and that's homemade chocolate soap from I haven't used any other brand in three years. It smells SO good. (Hubby loves it too. *wink*) Congrats on the release! Croco Designs is awesome. She designed my cover for The Wicked Flame, and it's one of my favorites.

Dalton Diaz said...

Welcome, KC, and thanks for joining us! Huge congrats on your first release.

I think I already mentioned my latest guilty pleasure. 21 Jump Street hit Netflix downloads and I've been watching with alarming dedication. I'm on season 3, and oh my, Johnny Depp just got a smack on the ass with a paddle during a frat house initiation! I kid you not!

You're also not alone on the 80's hair band thing, tho I hadn't heard of that group.

Naima Simone said...

Dalton! 21 Jump Street? I LOVED 21 Jump Street! I didn't know they had that on Netflix! "You know we'll be there when your back is to the wall..." Loved that show!!

KC Burn said...

Stephanie: Chocolate soap? I'll have to check that out!

Dalton: 21 Jump Street was a fun show, that's for sure.

Thanks, everyone, for coming out to play with me, and thanks to the Naughty Author Chicks for letting me guest blog. And now to announce the winner!

Congratulations, Lea! I'll drop you an email to discuss delivery of your prize.

Anonymous said...

Top guilty pleasure: has to be reading M/M romances/erotica (oh, the amount of money I've spent!!!).

Blog topic: "My first introduction to a gay fictional character"

Lea said...

Thank you so much K.C.! *g*

Tracy said...

Congrats Lea!!