Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this ...

Like most other authors, I get asked many times about the inspiration behind my stories, and I’m always straightforward with admitting that 90% of my story lines come from fantasies. Some things are drawn from my life, but more than likely, when you read one of my books, you’ll be taken on a “fantasy ride” through my deviant little brain. The inspiration behind Seducing Reagan came from a vacation I took last year with my family. While checking in our hotel, I spotted some hotter-than-you-know-what twins in the hotel lobby. (And, of course, they were with their equally hot female companions. * rolling eyes *) Needless to say, the wheels started turning, and I couldn't get home fast enough to pour all of my thoughts into Seducing Reagan. Derrick and Dane, the twins from my story, are the exact replicas of the twins I saw on vacation.

I read somewhere that most women fantasize about their U.P.S. deliveryman. (I’m not kidding. I seriously read that). Obviously, these women don’t live in my neighborhood. According to AskMen.com, these are the top seven fantasies shared amongst women:

1. Domination
2. Sex with a stranger
3. Sex in public
4. Sex with two men
5. Sex with another woman
6. Role-playing
7. Voyeurism

So, do you agree? Is there something not listed that you’d like to share? Come on. Don’t be bashful. We’re all friends here.

Okay, now for some book pimpage. (Don’t worry, it’s not much. LOL) To celebrate Seducing Reagan’s release from Ellora’s Cave, I’m holding a Seduction Contest on my blog, and I would LOVE for you to enter. One winner will be drawn around midnight (CST) tomorrow (release day), and they will win the ultimate seduction kit. Click here to find out more. I look forward to reading your comments!


Cara McKenna said...

I have to ask, simply because of the title of the website AskMen.com, was the survey asking men what they thought women fantasized about, or did they deign to poll some actual women? Just wondering.

I haven't conducted such a survey, but here are some things I would have [incorrectly] guessed would be on the list:
1. Sex with a celebrity (or said celebrity's fictional film character)
2. Sex as one fictional character (book, film) with another character
3. Sex with an acquaintance (male friend, coworker, bartender, partner of a female friend)
4. Sex with an ex (for old time's sake or look-at-me-now revenge)

Shows what I know! Anyhow, that wasn't my own one-woman survey, I promise, just what I would have guessed based on drinking enough wine in enough corridors outside of ballrooms with enough similarly buzzed women at romance writers' conferences. Highly scientific data collection.

Savannah Stuart said...

I'm with you on the UPS thing. That's never entered my mind, lol. I like the list. There are two of those (and no I'm not saying which) that definitely fall into my top five (I don't have a top seven).

Stephanie Adkins said...

Hey Cara! The article was by Isabella Snow, who is a 'relationship correspondent' for AskMen.com, whatever that means. LOL Here's the full article if you'd like to read it: http://www.askmen.com/dating/heidi_200/214_dating_girl.html

I like your list too, and I definitely count myself among some of those. *wink*

Stephanie Adkins said...

Oops ... that link got cut in half. Let me try again:

Oh come on Savannah ... *pouty face* ... please tell. I promise I won't whisper it to a soul. ;)

Cara McKenna said...

Thanks for the link, Stephanie.

As for the UPS guy thing, I have to imagine that conclusion was drawn by men whose research into female sexual psychology didn't extend beyond their porn stash. Was "pizza boy" also on that list?

Wynter Daniels said...

These women obviously haven't seen my UPS man;-) I have a couple faves on the list, too, but like Savannah, I will never tell which.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie

I think you know by now most of my fantasties as you have read some of them ... LOL!! I am way too shy to post them here :-)


Stephanie Adkins said...

LOL @ Angel! I sure have. Sometimes I think we share the same brain. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stephanie I have often thought that ... LOL!! But we are both from the south!


Dalton Diaz said...

I've seen some cute UPS guys, but none of them compare to the guy who used to deliver the water bottles to my old day job. Holy Moly that man was fine with a capital F!

Sharyn Tregarth said...

I'll admit to their being six on the list that are normally part of my fantasies. Now being the die-hard fantasy buff that I am, I'd have to throw in the paranormal creatures like werewolves...and dragons...and cats...and umm...*stares off into space for a minute* Oh, sorry what was I saying? My mind started wandering there. >:)

As for the UPS guy...has never entered my mind. Although when I worked at the bookstore, the FedEx guy did inspire quite a lot of fantasies.

Naima Simone said...

Since our UPS guy is a woman I can definitely say that she doesn't star in one of my fantasies. LOL! That knocks one off that list too, doesn't it?

Now there are three on the AskMen.com list that I indulge in. Not saying cause my Mom could be reading this and she believes I'm a virgin...immaculate conception with the kids dontcha know...

Congratulations on the release tomorrow!!

Stephanie Adkins said...

LOL @ Naima! You know, you could always email me and divulge your secrets. Your Mom would never know. Heehee ...

Sharyn ~ Oh yes, werewolves, vampires, etc. I'm totally with you on that. :)

Ashlyn Chase said...

Hey, Stephanie!

Boy, do I know what you mean! You should see all the handsome Indian men at this hotel where I'm staying in Bangelore. Jeezum crow, they're dripping with tall, dark handsomeness!

Don't worry, I'm taking copious notes for future bookage!

Please visit my blog and encourage the others to do so. I've writing a daily travelblog. I hate to piggyback on your post, but I don't have access to my ashlyn chase email so I can't spread the word to my loops.

If you all wouldn't mind doing so, please tell your friends to join me over at ashlynchase.blogspot.com

Tomorrow (my today) I'll describe some of these hunks!


Stephanie Adkins said...

No problem, Ash. I posted it for you at MySpace and Facebook. :)