Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naughty Valentines on My Mind

No, it's not a door knocker. Pictured above is a men's lion penis chain in gold available at body body. Now that captured your attention, didn't it? A little worried about the content of this blog? Relax. Let's get in the holiday mood.

Starting this Wednesday I'm celebrating Valentine's Day on my blog by posting jewelry pictures from erotic romance authors. Either the favorite pieces of the authors' themselves, or the jewelry worn by their characters in their stories.

In the spirit of this upcoming feature, I thought I'd post a few pictures of erotic jewelry from a few vendors on the web. There are actually a plethora. I resisted including those images where the modeling action of the intimate jewels leaned toward the X-rated. So, alas ladies and gentlemen (sigh of disappointment), most of the items are pictured without models. The picture directly above is a set of crystal slave bracelets by a company called body body.

Sexy is as sexy feels. I feel it is incumbent on an erotic romance author like myself to empower everyone's inner sexiness by suggesting a bit of kink in holiday gift giving. What's sexier than wearing something close to the skin that no one else knows about but you or your partner? Why stop at lingerie? So instead of purchasing the usual romantic goodies for your significant other, consider something on the wild and glittering side to be enjoyed by the two (or more--no discrimination toward poly relationships) of you. Edible underwear is nowhere as long lasting (grin). The slave bracelets posted above may not be hidden jewelry, but they're beautiful, don't you think?

Neck bra and waist chain by Arabesque Body Creations & Design

Captured bead body ring by Arabesque Body Creations & Design. No nipple piercing needed for these babies, but actually the rings can be used on other parts of the body (eh, ehm, I'm thinking ears darlings).

Cock circlets also available at Arabesque. (Gee I feel like a walking advertisement here. No, none of these vendors paid me money.) There is a wide variety of other cock jewelry available at many sites, but little worth posting that did not involve live models. So sorry.

This horse shoe nipple barbell would require a piercing. Get busy folks. It's also available at Arabesque.

This simple and lovely gold waist chain is available at The Rimba Store.

Crystal dangles for the posterior (euphemism alert) region of male or female anatomy. Although I've seen similar items elsewhere, this picture comes from some available at The Rimba Store.

Women's mask waist band with clitoral pendant from body body.

And my personal favorite (to be discussed later on my blog feature) this sterling silver whip pendant and chain. It's from Northbound Leather, a site I highly encourage you to visit for their many gorgeous kinky items.

There is so much out there, I couldn't begin to do justice to the erotic jewelry market. How about leaving me a comment about your most unusual or sexy Valentine's present, either given or received? No, you don't have to admit to any erotic jewelry, although I'd be more than pleased if you do (grin). And don't forget to visit my blog, The Wicked, starting Wednesday to see what other erotic romance authors keep inside their jewelry boxes.



Cara McKenna said...

Ah ha, so that's what a whip necklace looks like! You had me curious, Michelle.

May I just say though, I'm totally bummed you didn't feature any dog collars or leather cuffs. A bit of possessive Valentine's territoriality?

Wynter Daniels said...

I had no idea some of this stuff existed. Thanks for enlightening me!

Michelle Polaris said...

Cara--I had so many images to choose from, I forced myself to stay to a few. There are some lovely slave collars out there. Maybe I'll do a follow up post ;)

Wynter--I aim to be informative. Life is full of possibilities.

Savannah Stuart said...

Oh, I love the crystal bracelets and the bra and waist chain! I'm on my way now to check out that site :)

Naima Simone said...

Oooh Michele! I love the jewelry! I didn't know some of this was available. I love the waist band that looks like a mask! Lovely!!

Okay the kinkiest Valentine's Day gift I received/donned wasn't jewelry but it was a white fishnet, halter top catsuit. Ahem...went over well...*brushing knuckles against chest*

Great post!!

Michelle Polaris said...

Savannah, enjoy your shopping (wink).

Naima, proud of you for owning up to receiving the cat suit, dear. I'm sure you had a purring good time (smile).

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW ... I love that bra! Great post, Michelle, and very erotic. :) Have a great Valentine's Day!

Michelle Polaris said...

You too, Stephanie. I've put together my own special Valentines plans (rubbing hands together deviously).

Dalton Diaz said...

LOL! I can't believe I asked you if my excerpt was too naughty! Er, that would be a big NOT!

Michelle Polaris said...

Dalton--I'd just about rule out asking me whether anything you'd contribute would be too naughty. You see that the bar is set very high. Or is that very low? (grin)